Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: A Surefire Way

My rating:  4 of 5 Stars

Heat Level - Low

This full-length novel, A SUREFIRE WAY, is a good urban fantasy/paranormal romance with a new twist.  The action starts right away and you’re thrown right into the story.  Fast paced throughout and set in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area, Surefire, our heroine, works for UltraSecurity (U-Sec).  Surefire and other U-Sec agents are a little more than human, or transhuman.  Raven the tattooed hunky bad guy (uhhmmm good guy?) is a retrieval agent (aka thief).   This story has a little bit of everything- super heroes, super villains, Aztec gods, Aztec goddesses, magicians, soldiers, bureaucrats, angry fathers, bitchy sisters, crazy co-workers and extra-dimensional portals.  OH and time travel – did I mention the action doesn’t stop?  I love the Aztec mythology that was introduced here.  This is a pantheon I haven’t seen explored much in other fantasy/paranormal novels.

Both Surefire and Raven have been betrayed repeatedly by people they’ve trusted, so trust doesn’t come easy to these two.  Working on opposite sides of the law also adds to a troubled relationship.  Throw in egotistical meddling gods, saving the world, crazy fathers and any relationship would be doomed from the start.  Right?  I really grew to like both of these characters. Although there is an “end“ to this book, I still want to know what happens to them next.  The author gives us an interesting action packed story with some good world building.  There are also many secondary characters (Pax, Oracle, TimeTrap, even the bitchy sister – I think there might be a story there) I would like to hear more about.  So if you like your Urban Fantasy with some super heroes and romance thrown in give this book a try.  I know I’ll be looking for the next in the series.

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