Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review: The Art of Control

The Art of Control by Ella Dominguez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In the final installment of The Art of D/s series, Ella Dominguez combines the best of her prior two novels for one action-packed finale.

Where in book #2, I struggled with some of Dylan’s more sadistic needs – I felt like THE ART OF CONTROL is more like book #1 in that it appeals to a broader spectrum of readers. While Ella doesn’t apologize for her characters’ sadistic needs or lighten up on their kinky explorations, she does keep it more about the joint pleasure, trust, and giving/taking of power/control when Isa and Dylan are in the bedroom/dungeon/clubs… you know what, lets call a spade a spade, basically anywhere they could sit, stand, lean, or bend these two had to have sex – they had no inhibitions when it came to public exposure.

For those readers who really enjoyed the storyline and action-based plot of book #2, THE ART OF CONTROL steps up its game even further and this book from start to finish is full of suspense and ripe with the struggle between Isa and her father. Isa’s father’s hatred knows no bounds and he won’t give up until he’s stopped Dylan from investigating his involvement in Isa’s mom’s death. And with all of Mr. Ibanez’s money, he has plenty of accomplices willing to do his dirty work for him.

I think my favorite of the three books would still have to be THE ART OF SUBMISSION solely for the heat factor – I will never forget how passion-inducing book #1 was with the raw need shared between Isa and Dylan. However THE ART OF CONTROL is a close 2nd for me because the story-line was exciting, thrilling, and full of twists and turns while still showing a relationship with highs and lows and an obsessive/possessive love that invites the reader in and doesn’t let go until the final page!

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