Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Once A Duchess

Once a DuchessOnce a Duchess by Elizabeth Boyce
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fans of Pride and Prejudice will devour this historical romance that does an amazing job of combining realistic actions/reactions for that era with a modern description of the intimate moments between the characters.

Isabelle Lockwood is a spirited, opinionated and talented woman who grew up without the guidance of a mother to explain what boundaries had to be maintained in a male/female friendship to maintain proper decorum. Though perfectly innocent, her relationship with a childhood friend leads to the failure of her marriage, thanks to a meddling mother-in-law who never approved of the match. Unwilling to be kept down by a society that scorns her and a brother who disowns her, Isabelle takes a job at an inn as a cook. A chance encounter with her former husband brings back all the feelings they once shared, despite a wall of hurt and betrayal on both sides.

Elizabeth Boyce does an amazing job of portraying all the nuances of the era while also providing a story that feels fresh and current. Isabelle is the kind of heroine you can be proud of; she has a way of taking all the negative people throw at her and wielding her own way through it – but she doesn't brag about it or throw it in your face. She also doesn't just fall into Marshall's arms the second he arrives – she may love him but she also holds him accountable for everything he says and does.

ONCE A DUCHESS may be a historical romance but it also spends a decent amount of time on the storyline and action. No matter what aspect of the book draws you in to start the book, the story and characters as a whole will keep you fully invested until the final page.

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