Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review: Disappeared

Disappeared by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Having read several of S.J. Lewis' books, I was expecting something darker. This was a totally unexpected, almost sweet story.

Sarah is a spoiled brat who has found herself in a precarious situation - once living the dream as a wealthy woman with a successful husband is now running for her life from drug dealers and a husband who led her to the bottom of the barrel so to speak. Asking for help from a man she once ditched for the aforementioned "good life" is the last thing she ever thought she would have to do. After initially turning her away, his conscience will not let him leave her in the dangerous situation she has described to him.

Mack, the kind ex-boyfriend has Sarah transported to a cabin in the woods to live with a dominant female named Belinda. Belinda quickly lets Sarah know that life with her will not be a sedentary one - forcing the once lazy and overweight Sarah to exercise, eat right and work...literally her ass off, in turn molding her into a new person thus changing her life.

DISAPPEARED was surprisingly short on the detailed sex scenes I have come to enjoy from Lewis, instead opting for leaving most of it to the imagination. If you enjoy a tale of perseverance, m/f and f/f sex with a happy for now ending, then DISAPPEARED would be a great book for you to check out!

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