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Freeing Kira by B.J. Wane

Freeing KiraFreeing Kira by B.J. Wane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

FREEING KIRA is one of the most unique and engrossing story lines I have read in a long time while staying on this side of fantasy land.

Kira Walker is first introduced as a woman named Sara. After overhearing her husband's plot to kill her; she flees and assumes a new identity. After successfully evading him for years, he finally catches up to her, but before being captured, she seeks refuge on a nearby ship. When the ship's owner, Gabe, discovers her presence, her world as she once knew it completely disappeared.

I especially enjoyed the initial meeting and interaction between Kira and Gabe - horrifying, exciting, eye-opening and jaw-dropping (and comical, very comical) just to name a few of the extreme emotions I felt - seriously, I really was stressed out while reading the scene! In fact, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book. The characters were so real to me – they were successful in throwing my emotions out of whack.

Nothing about this book played out as I expected...well, maybe one thing did, but the twists and unexpected turns were such a delightful surprise and I enjoyed every minute of it. There were many aspects that made this story unique.

Going into FREEING KIRA, I knew a few things...I knew she would constantly be stalked by a psycho and I knew Gabe would be an uber dominant and there would be lots of BDSM, among other things. Well, it turns out that I knew nothing, because surprisingly, the story didn't focus on her crazy, criminal husband - that was more like the back-story.

I find that I have grown somewhat tired of the sexy heroine with the psycho stalker story line, but let's face it; there are limited plot themes out there. This story, however, really focused on Kira and Gabe discovering who they really are at first individually and ultimately, as a couple. There was a lot of self-discovery among all parties involved. I was very surprised that the men in FREEING KIRA were not Doms - I totally expected B.J. Wane to take that path, but she didn't. This read is actually BDSM light, incorporating mostly a little over the knee spanking with other elements of BDSM mostly implied by the mention of props in the background.

FREEING KIRA was a really a great story. I am really hoping to see more about the characters in the future. I would love to know more about the secondary characters, Will and Alec - they are totally charming and I feel that they have a story to tell...hint, hint. I love them and want more of them! This is a good choice if you are looking for an emotional, but not sappy story with BDSM elements and sexy, smart characters. I hope you love it as much as I did!

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Em said...

This sounds fantastic. Adding to my TBR.

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this was a great read! hope you love it!

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