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Destiny For Three by Lilly Hale

Destiny For ThreeDestiny For Three by Lilly Hale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

DESTINY FOR THREE was a totally out of character book for me to read, much less like. I am not fond of historical romance or time travel, so, I am not sure why I even picked it up, but I am glad I did! The one thing it did have that I totally love reading about is ménage...two sexy men and one woman torn between them.

Modern day Elise Davis wakes up from an accident and finds herself not only in another time, but also another body! In 1850, Elise realizes that her life as Elizabeth McBride is not going to be a simple one. It is obvious from the beginning that Ms. McBride is a very difficult person to deal with and so, Elise makes it her personal mission to right all the wrongs done by Elizabeth McBride.

When Elise/Elizabeth's guardian dies, she is forced into the care of Trey and Radcliffe Kingston. Years ago, the Kingston brothers were almost ruined because of Elizabeth McBride's vicious nature and they are none too excited about dealing with the manipulative brat they once knew. It doesn't take them long to see that she has truly changed her ways...almost like she is actually a different person! Though they are skeptical, they cannot help but to fall under her spell once again.

The chemistry between Trey, Radcliffe and Elise is on fire! Radcliffe is the dominant "disciplinarian" who enjoys playing a little rough at times and then there is the romantic and gentle lover, Trey who is determined to protect Elise at all costs. It's really no wonder Elise is caught in the middle of the two -- together they are perfect for her as they appeal to her carnal side while providing the tenderness and love that she desires.

Lilly Hale does an excellent job putting a new spin on the "time-travel" aspect of the story. So, if you are not partial to time travel, don't let that dissuade you from reading this fantastic read, or you will certainly be cheating yourself out of some great entertainment.

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