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#REVIEW: Take Me Back - 3 STARS

Take Me Back (Give & Take, #2.5)Take Me Back by Kelli Maine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

TAKE ME BACK is the second novella in the Give & Take series, the fourth book overall. It begins where TAKEN BY STORM ends, but with Rachael as the main character. It follows the obsession that Rachael has with Ingrid, a deceased woman who once lived on Turtle Tear Island. She becomes bound and determined to discover what Ingrid is trying to "tell" her from the grave and it ends up affecting Rachael's work and personal life in many ways.

TAKE ME BACK was a quick read that fell a bit flat for me. I had a hard time staying interested in the story as there was not much that was new. It just felt like more of the same from the last book, TAKEN BY STORM.

I was happy to be reading about Rachael and Merrick again as I do love their relationship. However, their reactions to each other in TAKE ME BACK seemed a bit over-dramatic. They were quick to fight and then quick to make up, which made their sex scenes seem tacked on and not always right for the moment.

Getting to know more about the history of Ingrid and Turtle Tear Island was what was interesting in this novella. It's a sweet story and I love that it gave Rachael an insight to the island's past, which in turn connected her more to her present.

I most likely will not be continuing on with this series as I am still struggling to find the same intensity that I loved in the first book, TAKEN. I do plan to read more of Kelli Maine's work, though, as I truly enjoy the way she writes. Perhaps her next series (DOLLS & DOMS) will give me more of what I came to love about her writing when I read her first book.

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