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#Review: Curve by @NicHudsonAuthor 5 Stars

CurveCurve by Nicola Hudson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rob was with you for a bet.

I can’t imagine anything more crushing to a seventeen-year-old girl than to hear those words.

Rob is the school’s super-stud and has girls fawning all over him left and right and I can only imagine Cass’ delight to discover that he actually wants to go on a date with her! SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Yeah, sounds awesome, until his “real” persona breaches the surface and she realizes that Rob is actually a super-sleaze bucket. Never fear! Because Cass has an awesome support system to help her pick up the pieces and thank goodness for Flynn – she has always seen him as an older brother type, but to my delight, a sweet romance begins to bud between the pair.

After the horror and humiliation of scoring a date with the handsome Rob only because of a bet, Cass returns to her normal routine, but Rob isn’t having it, he is determined to finish what he started. What began as a joke turns into an obsession and the target is Cass. Although Rob’s attention seems a little “off,” she thinks he is harmless, never thinking that the devil lurks beneath the surface of that handsome exterior… until the unthinkable happens. Cass’ life is forever changed and she retreats from everything and everyone that previously brought her joy. Once again, Flynn is her strength and works tirelessly to help her return to feeling confident and safe.

Although Cass’ vicious sexual assault is ever present in CURVE, it isn’t necessarily the focal point of the story. CURVE is about innocence lost, healing and finding love in the most unlikely of places. Author Nicola Hudson does a fantastic job at “showing” rather than “telling” and I think showing is so much more powerful, and lends a hand to creating multi-dimensional characters, than telling. The relationship that transpires between the very innocent and “never been kissed” Cass and the college-aged Flynn was sweet and refreshing and sometimes pretty hot!
Every millimetre of me craves his touch. As the fingertips on one hand follow the lace edging of my bra, causing goosebumps to follow in their wake, his other hand slowly strokes downwards. Past the indent of my belly button, past the curve of my tummy, under the elastic of my knickers. My left hand is enmeshed in his dark hair, my nails grazing his scalp, as he kisses the line of my neck, branding me with the heat of his mouth. My whole body is on fire and I can feel a release just out of reach when his mouth stops and leaves my neck naked.

CURVE is labeled on many shelves as a “young- adult” novel, but I would say 18+ due to sexual content and adult themes. Any way you slice it, CURVE is a winner in my book and I enjoyed every minute of it. Lovers of New-Adult romance and drama will likely love it too – you can bet I will be checking out more of what this author has to offer!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful review. I loved your comment that Curve is about innocence lost and SO got it! Nicola xx

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

Yay! That is totally what I got out of it! I loved it! Thank you for offering it for review! Don't forget to hit me up when you release your next novel ;-)

Unknown said...

This strikes me as a good story one I'd buy myself

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

Paula! It's a great read! I would definitely recommend it!

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