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#Review & #Giveaway - Inner Core (Stark, #2) by @Sigal_Ehrlich 4 Stars

Inner Core (Stark, #2)
Inner Core (Stark, #2) by Sigal Ehrlich

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hayley has gone to visit her parents after rejecting Daniel’s apology and is still heartbroken, but she’s determined to move on and protect herself from any more pain. The news that her brother may have been injured or worse in Afghanistan sends her into a tailspin and she knows now more than ever that being without Daniel is killing her. One desperate phone call to Daniel right before her cell battery dies has Daniel looking for any information about Hayley and her brother and hopping a plane to Chicago to be with Hayley. As they decide to give it another go, we see that Daniel’s not the only one with serious issues that will get in the way of their relationship. Hayley’s insecurities and commitment phobia will stand in the way when they are set in reality.

I never saw that climax happening. You know there’s going to be a big hiccup at some point in the relationship, but I never would have guessed what would happen to make Hayley see what she had right in front of her face. I really wanted to smack Hayley a few times. Who in their right mind pushes that sexy, melt-your-panties man away when he keeps proving he will do anything for you?? COME ON, HAYLEY!! How many times does he need to profess his undying love? That would be my only complaint with INNER CORE. Hayley questions her sanity and so do I. At some point she really needs to see what Daniel is offering her and put the insecurities behind.  

“I might be physically here, actually living with him, but the switch in my head refuses to flip, the switch that will let me feel at home, call his place home.
Forgive and forget, Hales.
Living together seems to be the best temporary solution. I’m trying desperately to convince myself that it’s far more than just temporary, but I’m failing miserably, because a larger part of me doesn’t believe this will last long. A part of me that is doubtful and scarred, a part that keeps looking for an ominous sign.”
Ian and Tasha are still as hilarious as ever and their storylines pick up as well. We get to see so much more of each character and it really rounds out the story. We do learn more about Daniel, but I really think this story was more about how much Hayley needed to open up her heart and take chances. Hayley’s attempt at seduction in Daniel’s office is classic. I was laughing my ass off and of course Tasha and Ian would never let her off the hook without making fun of her predicament. Absolutely hilarious!

INNER CORE completes the STARK series and it couldn’t have been a more perfect ending. Sigal Ehrlich writing was beautifully descriptive and deep. As the title suggests, we really do get down to core of what make Hayley and Daniel click and experience their ups and downs along with some terrifying moments and hysterical friends.

To reach the core of inner beauty, one must first unravel the many protective layers.

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