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#Review: Honey Red 5 Stars @beerwencha2 @stptabby #Menage

Honey RedHoney Red by Liz Crowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my favorite type of ménage story, and I have to say that HONEY RED was such a refreshing read. Each of these characters has flaws, but I think that was the beauty of their relationship. Things didn’t just snap easily together, and it took a lot of trial and error to make things work out for these three. I’ve found that so few books now days can evoke emotional reactions out of me, but HONEY RED was able to make me laugh, cry, smile, and make me angry all in one fantastic read.

Ian Donovan is in a slump, and he has spent his life in the shadow of his brother feeling like an overall failure in life. After fate throws him a curveball, he has to make some serious life changes as he heads back to Michigan to help his brother with his new brewery.

Nick Traynor is struggling to live life on a daily basis after being injured in combat and losing Dan…the love of his life. His sister attempts to fix him up with her boyfriend’s brother Ian, and as sparks fly they decide to embark in a purely sexual relationship. Emotions start to get involved, but Nick is fighting his own personal demons though and feels like he is too broken for Ian. But then he meets Hannah, and everything changes.

Hannah Williams has put sexual relationships on the back burner while she finished up her degree. Now she just wants to do her job until she can find something better, but her sexy as sin boss Ian is making things exceedingly difficult when she can’t focus on anything but him. She tries in vain to resist temptation, but she can’t help how drawn she is to Ian. When he takes her as his date to his brother’s wedding, she meets yet another temptation she can’t resist…Ian’s lover Nick.

HONEY RED had loads of angst, but it was also such a sweet story as well. We watch them struggle in vain to keep things strictly sexual as they deal their own personal issues along the way. They have so much chemistry making for some steamy moments in the bedroom, but they also have a lot to work on to make this relationship last. As things quickly heat up, unforeseen consequences just about destroy everything they have together. I loved HONEY RED so much, because it just felt so real to me. I really enjoyed their deeply emotional journey to love, and I have to say that I think this is one of my favorite ménage reads I’ve read. So with all that said, I definitely going to recommend this one to you guys.

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This sounds like a real feeling invoking book the kind you can identity with

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