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Review: Undercover Lover

Undercover Lover (Covert Attractions #2)Undercover Lover by Tibby Armstrong
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tibby Armstrong writes in such a way that the story and characters come alive.

Being the sister of a famous musician may sound like a dream come true for most people, but to Jenny Ainsley, it's more hassle and headache than anything else. After a rough childhood with a dad who was involved with the wrong people, Jenny spends her life trying to blend in and rely solely on herself. But when her brother's fame brings unwanted attention, he demands that she stay in his New York penthouse while he's out of town.

The story flows and you get swept up in the action. The only thing that kept me from being able to fully immerse myself in the book was confusion. This may be because I did not read the first book in the series, Sheet Music, and so I would definitely suggest that anyone reading this story read Sheet Music first.

However, my impression from Sheet Music's description is that it is primarily about David (Jenny's brother) and I found a lot of my confusion coming from Gunter's past mission in Dublin and his consequent decisions. So whether reading the first book would have cleared everything up for me I cannot say. I also felt like some of the decisions and actions even later in the story weren't explained clearly or properly and I can say with full confidence that those had nothing to do with not having read the first book in the series.

I think that while Undercover Lover had a fun concept and great characters with hot, steamy moments between Jenny and Gunter, the actual storyline and study into the world of espionage was a bit under-developed or inefficiently explained.

UNDERCOVER LOVER is a good choice for people who've read Sheet Music and are looking for a new steamy relationship evolving from secondary characters they met in that book.

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