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4 STAR #Review: Arrow's Hell by @ChantalFernando

Arrow's Hell by Chantal Fernando
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The only thing better than one overbearing alpha male is two overbearing alpha males… Though Anna would beg to differ seeing as how one of the overbearing males in her life happens to be her big brother.

When Anna moves back to her hometown, her brother is eager to regain the closeness they once had. But since Adam, or Rake as he’s now known, is a member of a motorcycle club, part of being close to him means being looked after by the members of the Wind Dragons. Anna has been independent for too long to suddenly be escorted everywhere and told where to live and where to hang out. The only silver lining in all her brother’s protectiveness is that one of her escorts happens to be the sexy, albeit sullen, Arrow.

Arrow wasn’t a good boyfriend to the only girl he’s ever loved and he’s lived with the guilt of her death ever since. He certainly doesn’t plan to subject any other woman to being in a relationship with him. But Anna finds a way to get under his skin and into his head and he can’t seem to ignore her, even though he knows Rake would kill him if he hooked up with her.

Arrow wasn’t kidding when he said he wasn’t good boyfriend material. This became crystal clear when he and Anna first got together and one of the first things he said to her was:

“I don’t like being questioned,” he says after a few moments. “At least not by pussy.”

Wow, prince charming, don’t hold back on my account. But in all honesty, I loved that he was like that. It seemed so authentic for a guy with Arrow’s reputation. He’d served time, murdered, cheated on his ex—so to expect roses and sonnets would have been absurd. He more than made up for his rough edges when he really fell for Anna, and I loved him all the more for it.

The beginning of ARROW’S HELL for me was a bit underwhelming. The way Anna described the guys and especially Arrow just all felt a little contrived. But once the story really got going, it was steamy and thrilling and fast-paced. I loved getting to know Anna and Arrow and I could probably read a romance about every single member of the Wind Dragons. I can’t wait until TRACKER’S END comes out and I can see what happens between Tracker and Lana!

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