Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4 STAR #Review: Reviving Izabel by @JRedmerski

Reviving Izabel by J.A. Redmerski
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sarai, aka Izabel, returns with a thirst for vengeance in REVIVING IZABEL.

Victor may have left Sarai so she could live a normal life, but Sarai has her own plans and they don’t involve anything resembling ordinary. She sets off under the pretense of a vacation with her best friend and boyfriend only to sneak back into Hamburg’s restaurant. Before long, she’s in over her head and in need of a hero. Victor is forced to face the fact that Sarai won’t be able to lead a simple life whether he’s a part of it or not. He agrees to help train her so that she’s equipped with the proper tools to become an assassin by her own right.

REVIVING IZABEL is an adventurous story of rogue assassins leaving a trail of bodies in their wake as they complete missions and determine who they can trust. The story is exciting, fast-paced, and never had a dull moment. For such a good tale, I had to give the story 4 stars. But the missing star was because Victor and Sarai’s love story took a backseat to their missions. In KILLING SARAI, I’d been sucked in by Sarai and Victor’s chemistry. Victor was such an unlikely hero but that was precisely why I couldn’t get enough of him. In REVIVING IZABEL, I felt like Victor and Sarai were a lot harder to get a read on. They didn’t seem as fleshed out or fully dimensional and I missed the couple I’d fallen in love with.

The concept behind the IN THE COMPANY OF KILLERS series is a great one and I’m excited for Fredrik’s story, THE SWAN & THE JACKAL. I have no idea how Ms. Redmerski will spin Fredrik but I can’t wait to find out.

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