Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 STAR #Review: Uncovering You 6: Deliverance by @Scarl_Edwards

Uncovering You 6: Deliverance by Scarlett Edwards
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

UNCOVERING YOU 6: DELIVERANCE brings all the things readers have been begging for—major changes and big revelations. What those changes will mean for Lilly and Jeremy, only time will tell.

In DELIVERANCE, Rose reveals a very different side of herself and opens up even more questions as to her involvement in Lilly’s abduction. How she first came to work for Jeremy and how much she knows about his revenge plot are the two most pressing. Charles is forthcoming with Lilly but it only leads to more questions about how much he and Rose share with each other.

The most drastic change of all is by Jeremy, however. His sudden desire to show Lilly he trusts her shocked me. What girl, besides Lilly, wouldn’t throw Jeremy under the bus the first chance she got? Yet he’s just narcissistic enough to offer her the freedom to do just that, trusting that she won’t. Jeremy’s desire to change the relationship and Lilly’s decision to play the long-game really make me wonder where Scarlett Edwards will take this serial. Will Lilly ever get her revenge? Will Jeremy get everything he deserves for what he did to Lilly?

Ms. Edwards has outdone herself with the twists and turns of the UNCOVERING YOU serial. She forces her readers to follow her down the rabbit hole. I, for one, won’t be able to stop until I’ve uncovered every last secret and seen Lilly get her vengeance once and for all.

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