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5 STAR #Review and #Giveaway: New Point by @AuthorLuck

New Point Release Day

New Point by Olivia Luck


Imagine the worst day of your life. Immerse yourself in the details. How did you feel? Who were you with? What were the consequences? 

Recalling my darkest day is as simple as typing a few search terms into a web browser. It only took thirty minutes for me to become the center of a media frenzy that caught the attention of an entire country. 

So I hid. 

Nine months later and I'm getting better. Moved two hours from home, landed my dream job, and met a delicious new guy. 

Healing is that simple, right?


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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A soulful story, a beautiful romance, and a riveting plot combine for a fantastic 5 star read in NEW POINT.

It only took one terrifying day to transform Zoe from a driven, confident woman into a shell of the woman she once was. She leaves Chicago for a small town called New Point in the hopes of a fresh start. Within days, she literally falls into the arms of a man worth overcoming her fears for, but she’s not sure any guy would be willing to stick around for her degree of baggage. She decides to hide her past from Miles in the hopes that she can overcome her fears and forget what happened that fateful day. But changing cities doesn’t change Zoe and before she knows it she’s overcome with terror and losing Miles because she refuses to open up to him. Did she miss her chance at a new love and a new start? Will she even get the chance to find out?

I found NEW POINT to be captivating all around—from the original story to the fantastic dialogue to the absolutely breathtaking romance. I cried for Zoe, for the emotions I could feel through Blake and Miles, for the pain, fear and love I found completely believable. I loved how passionate and expressive Miles was and how Zoe said what she was thinking, sometimes to her own detriment.

“New Point isn’t known for much breaking and entering, but I have to admit, this looks mighty suspicious,” an unmistakably Midwestern accent drawls from behind me, effectively scaring the sweat off my bare shoulders.

“I didn’t realize this needed to be said explicitly after I practically threw down with your brother.”…“But for the record, I’m not seeing anyone else, and neither are you.”

I stroll down the staircase like the king of the fucking castle. Hell if I’m not prouder than a guy who just won the Super Bowl. It’s impossible to wipe the grin off my face.

I loved that even though Miles was clearly head over heels for Zoe, he didn’t just let her get away with everything. He expected her to give him every part of herself, and he wouldn’t settle for less. What’s more, Miles and Zoe’s love story has a beginning, middle and end in NEW POINT so there’s no frustrating cliffhangers to worry over.

NEW POINT is a refreshing love story that you don’t want to miss. This is the first book I’ve read by Olivia Luck but I can guarantee it won’t be my last. I can’t wait to read Blake’s story in PRESSURE POINT.

**Complimentary copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

Enter to Win! 


“New Point isn’t known for much breaking and entering, but I have to admit, this looks mighty suspicious,” an unmistakably Midwestern accent drawls from behind me, effectively scaring the sweat off my bare shoulders. 

A shriek escapes from my lips as I teeter preciously on the wood chair and my hands lose their grip on the white doorframe. The rubber of my flip flop doesn’t provide much traction and my body pitches sideways. In just a second I’ll crash against the deck floor and I’ll spend the summer recovering physically instead of gaining back my old– 

Sturdy muscular arms slide around my waist and yank me against an equally firm chest. “Woah, there. I didn’t mean to scare you.” The masculine voice has a smile behind it. 

“Probably shouldn’t go sneaking up on someone then,” I mutter once I catch my breath and untangle myself from his grasp. He chuckles at my retort, a rich baritone that makes me feel like shivering. 

When I’m a step or two back I’m nearly breathless again, but this time for completely different reasons. 

Sturdy was one way to describe his muscular grasp, but now that I have a full frontal view of him, I see my mistake. He’s perfect. Thick arms with nicely defined muscles that don’t bulge too aggressively beneath his white T-shirt, a broad chest, trim waist with low riding blue exercise shorts. And that’s just his body. Bright white teeth gleam at me from behind a broad smile. Thick, dark curly hair begs to have fingers run through it and he has coffee colored eyes framed by long lashes most girls want desperately. 

He’s a combination of sultry sex appeal and mischievous intentions as displayed by the twist of his lips. Less than one minute in his presence and I’m practically swooning. 

“Who are you?” I blurt out. 

With a smirk, he crosses his arms across the planes of chest. “Shouldn’t I be asking the questions, Ms. Breaking and Entering?”

About the Author:

Olivia Luck lives in the middle of America with her loving husband and her obsession with writing. She wrote her first romance novel at age eight. When she’s not reading, editing, or writing, you can find her in the kitchen learning to cook. Olivia loves to travel and spend time with her family. 

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