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5 STAR #REVIEW - Fiendish-A Twisted Fairytale @AuthorMekaJames

Fiendish-A Twisted FairytaleFiendish-A Twisted Fairytale by Meka James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The most basic principle of Yin and Yang is that one cannot exist without the other. . . There can be no light without the dark, no good without evil, and no you without me; we are complementary opposites that balance each other. . . I will do whatever is necessary to keep you where you belong. Which is with me.

DID SOMEONE SAY: “DARK AND TWISTED”? Who? What? When? Where? SOLD! SIGN ME UP! I’M THERE! Now I am calling out to all my twisted-sisters who love a good dark read because I have a new one for you - FIENDISH-A TWISTED FAIRYTALE by Meka James.

First things first! When new author, Meka James said her new release, FIENDISH-A TWISTED FAIRYTALE is a “dark and twisted” tale, she wasn’t joking, but I quite enjoyed it; it’s a very new take on the old classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Here’s my disclaimer: If you have an aversion to themes that include kidnap/captivity, forced seduction, dubious consent, non-consensual sex, torture and other graphic violence, then please know that this book contains all of those, so proceed with caution. If you are a fan of dark reads, then jump on it because you are gonna love it!
Baby, I’m a lot of things, but insecure isn’t one of them. . . I’m a jealous and possessive man. All issues could easily be avoided if you remembered that and acted accordingly.”

Jealous and possessive, jealous and possessive. Act accordingly. Those words were on repeat in my head, trying to figure out what the hell he meant by them. Someone was only jealous or possessive if they cared, right?

OR it means that person is a total psychopath and you need to run like the hounds of hell are chasing your submissive-little-ass! That’s kind of the story of heroine, Calida’s life - she might be just a smidgen too trusting. She is sweet, innocent and VERY naïve, but not in an annoying way – trust me, she has a fiery side, but it just takes a lot to get her to that point. Calida’s biggest problem is that she has no self-confidence – but there are plenty of reasons she is lacking in the confidence department and I can't say that I blame her, but her insecurities make her a prime target for predators like Seth.

Seth is the quintessential anti-hero; one minute, he is charming and chivalrous and the next minute he is a sadistic lunatic. I had a hard time deciphering my emotions in regards to Seth. I vacillated between hating him and thinking he might be ok – well, as “ok” as a brutal killer can be… I wanted to love him because when he was good, he was off the charts “Mr. Wonderful” – handsome, charismatic, and he had plenty of money to burn, but when he was bad… GOOD LORD! HE WAS FUCKING NUTS! We are talking major cray-cray! I’m not going to tell you what I thought about him by the time I finished the book – I think you will figure that out when you read it ;-) This is kind of what I picture might be going on in the basement of Seth's mansion.

Just so we are clear – this is NOT your traditional fairytale, BUT there are plenty of “fairytale moments” that help to balance out all the madness. FIENDISH-A TWISTED FAIRYTALE is a long one at close to 600 pages, but there is so much going on I can’t imagine cutting anything out without taking away from this very exciting and emotional story. Meka James is a new author and she is definitely on my list as one to watch. There is NOT a cliffhanger, but there IS more to the story and I absolutely cannot wait until the next installment called NOT BROKEN, due out sometime this fall (2014).

Dark romance lovers, rejoice, because there's a new kid on the block and her first book is filled with all the naughty goodness and madness we crave! If you have enjoyed books from the likes of Aletha Romig, Jettie Woodruff and Pepper Winters, then you are bound to enjoy the work of this new author, Meka James. Check it out and let me know what you think!

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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