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#Review: Slave by @Sherri_Hayes 4 STARS

Slave (Finding Anna, #1)Slave by Sherri Hayes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sold into a world of sexual slavery and never having an opinion sounds absolutely horrifying. Reality would be even worse than we could imagine. Can a person who has ever lived in this world adjust to real life again or would they forever be damaged? SLAVE shows us what can happen when sexual slavery is done without concern for the “slave” involved.

Stephan has lunch with a friend who tells him about Brianna. He believes Brianna is being held as a sexual slave against her will and he knows Stephan not only has the money to “buy” her but the will to help her. Stephan is appalled by the idea of buying anyone but he agrees to at least go see the girl for himself. If he decides she’s being held against her will he will buy her. After meeting Brianna, Stephan knows he must save the poor girl. After buying her, he brings her home and realizes it’s going to be a rough adjustment. Brianna is use to living a life of only being allowed to do something after she’s been told to do it and without an order will not move. He refuses to treat Brianna poorly and while he knows she sees him as her new master and herself as his slave, he hopes that he can change that. One day he wants Brianna to make her own decisions and choices.

Brianna doesn’t know what to think of her new master. She loves the new freedoms he gives her and that he seems to only want to take care of her. She doesn’t know if she can trust Stephan though and her panic attacks threaten to stand in the way. Slowly she realizes she can trust him enough to be soothed by him and let him calm her when she has a panic attack. She even starts to tell him about the torture her first master put her through, the ones that only left emotional scars. She knows he can see the physical ones but those weren’t the worst forms of torture. Will Brianna stay when she finds out Stephan will let her be free if that’s what she really wants or will she go because she wants to be her own person?

SLAVE is not a story for the faint of heart. BDSM has it’s great aspects but there are cases where people take it too far. Sherri Hayes explores one of those ways in SLAVE. I think her approach on how to help Brianna recover from the emotional and psychological damage of sexual slavery is appropriate, though not what everyone would do. Your heart will ache for Brianna and you will praise Stephan for how he saves Brianna and tries to build her back up again. SLAVE is not your typical romance but you will fall in love with the characters of this book. As soon as you finish SLAVE, you’ll want the next book in the series and you’ll be hoping for a happily ever after for them both.

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Unknown said...

I read Slave and quickly went thru the whole series. I loved each book.

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Oh yeah! WE DID TOO!

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