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#Review: Soul Possessed by @katlyn_duncan 3 STARS

Soul Possessed by Katlyn Duncan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I loved SOUL TAKEN. Raved about it. Was so impressed with how Katlyn Duncan was able to create an entire new world, introduce tons of new concepts, and still keep the focus on the story and the characters instead of getting bogged down in definitions and explanations. Which is why writing a review for SOUL POSSESSED is really hard for me. Because I didn’t feel like SOUL POSSESSED accomplished the same feat. For me, SOUL POSSESSED was a 2.5 star read.

Maggie is now training with Jackson to be part of the Guard, a position she’s coveted for years. Felix assigns her and Jackson to a training mission with Cooper and Ally. He also gives her a secret task of ensuring Jackson is firmly planted on the good side and not still playing double agent. Maggie still doesn’t have her memories back, but the time she’s spent alone with Jackson has brought back some of the feelings they once shared. Her feelings only multiply when Jackson gives her something she’s wanted with all her heart but never knew if she could have.

My issue with this sequel was twofold:

1) While Maggie and Jackson’s attraction was only hinted at in SOUL TAKEN, I could still feel the tension and I was missing that in SOUL POSSESSED. It may sound like they continued to evolve, but I didn’t feel it in the story.

2) I got lost in some of the other world descriptions and explanations. When the Shadowed tried to lure Maggie to the other side, I didn’t understand what they were saying. I couldn’t comprehend the differences between their Caeleste and Maggie’s Caeleste. It just wasn’t computing and I couldn’t visualize it.

The combination of these two issues made me feel indifferent to the story and what was happening. I couldn’t get into the story or the characters. It always felt like I was reading a story instead of experiencing it for myself.

SOUL POSSESSED ended with a very interesting promise of what is to come in SOUL BETRAYED. If Ms. Duncan can recreate the magic that made me fall in love with this series in the first place, I think SOUL BETRAYED has a lot of potential with the twists going on between Maggie and Jackson.

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