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#Review: A Veil of Glass and Rain

A Veil of Glass and RainA Veil of Glass and Rain by Petra F. Bagnardi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Brina and Eagan have been lovingly close friends since he was fourteen and she was nine. As children, they spend their summers traveling with their photographer parents. Only Brina and Eagan know what its like to have parents who fall into depression without their spouse and in return, must live alone during the school years. They only spend their summers together, but their bond ties them until Brina reaches an age that her feelings for Eagan are more than friendly. She now feels that she must keep him away in order to protect her heart. When Eagan becomes an architect in Rome, where Brina is studying cinema and music, she tries to figure out how to remain his friend when he insists on being a part of her life.

A VEIL OF GLASS AND RAIN is beautiful story about changing love between maturing young adults. The story reads like a metaphor-filled poem that floats between reality and dreams. Brina and Eagan are very dependent on each and this is complicated as young adults. Brina’s emotions are very complicated and with an obvious lack of parental interest, she seems lost. I felt horrible for her and couldn’t imagine the life she had led. It’s easy to see why she clung to her relationship with Eagan her whole life. He was a constant she craved.

While the story was beautiful and elegant, I found it did not flow well and I was continually lost between reality and fantasy. I was under the impression that the characters were dreaming more often than not. Reading this book reminded me of a foreign film where I felt like I was missing something I wasn’t cultured enough to understand. Actually, this book might make a great independent film or something else I’m really not hip enough about to suggest. There were also some attempts to discuss Brina’s eating habits, but this part of the story was underdeveloped and I’m not sure what to think about Brina’s emotional state.

A VEIL OF GLASS AND RAIN had a common plot that was twisted with complicated dependency between Brina and Eagan and a writing style to which I am unaccustomed. Maybe if you are a fan of metaphor and symbolism set in the romantic city of Rome, than this would be a story for you.

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