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#REVIEW: He Belongs with Me by Sarah Darlington @SADarlington

He Belongs with MeHe Belongs with Me by Sarah Darlington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

2 sisters + 1 hot childhood friend = lots of issues

Maggie and Clara Ryder are identical twin sisters, but their looks are the only thing they have in common. The girls avoid each other when they can and bicker when they are together. They grew up with Leo Maddox and while Maggie was his best friend, Clara was his enemy. When Leo starts showing a softer side, Clara takes notice. Now Maggie realizes that she may lose her best friend to her sister, who she barely tolerates. Even worse, Maggie may LOVE her best friend and she may also love the man who returns to town six years after leaving her. While each girl tries to figure out their feelings or Leo, the also start to work out the issues between each other.

“But icing on the cake was Clara-his brand new girlfriend. Her betrayal hurt more than anything Andrew could have ever put me through, and she was the real reason I needed a person like Dean at my side. I think I’d be fine never seeing Andrew again, but I had to prove to everyone that Clara couldn’t hurt me.”

See. Lots of issues.

I loved that there was more to this story than a romantic love story. Its also about familial bonds and the struggle these sisters have to get along while being so different. HE BELONGS WITH ME is very well-written and entertaining. There’s tons of fun and plenty of angst with the slightly complicated plot. I am thoroughly impressed that this is Sarah Darlington’s first book because I’m not seeing any glaring plots issues or

I kind of wished each sister had their own book, but since the events occur at the same time it worked out well. We hear both Maggie and Clara’s point of view, which helped me get to know each girl and despite all the scenarios and characters, everything was well-developed. Having two female leads is a welcome change from the normal lead male and lead female point of view in the storytelling. I think I was most surprised at my own opinion of the girls. I thought I would like and relate more to Maggie, but there’s a lot to Clara that no one understands.

HE BELONGS WITH ME is a great new adult novel with an interesting and different story that not only focuses on the romance, but on sisterly love/hate relationship. Darlington’s effect of two dramatically different female point of views is refreshing. I encourage anyone in love with the new adult genre to give this one a try.

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