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#Review: Death of the Mad Hatter by @sarahjpepper 4 Stars

Death of the Mad HatterDeath of the Mad Hatter by Sarah J. Pepper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland, but what if the story was darker than we imagined? Would you be able to wrap your mind around a sadistic Joker, a truly cold-hearted queen and a sane Mad Hatter? What if Alice worked for the queen? Dive down the rabbit hole and see if you can wrap your head around THE DEATH OF THE MAD HATTER.

Once upon a time Alice fell down a rabbit hole and met Mad Hatter (M.H.) and many other wondrous creatures. She begins to work for M.H., taking sweets to Robby, the brother of the dead king. When the queen finds out, she beheads M.H. and gets Alice to do whatever she wants, including bring her Robby’s son, Ryley. Ryley is the true heir to the throne so the Queen wants him dead.

Ryley has no idea what Alice is up to, but he knows it’s very hard for him to stop thinking about her when she shows up at school as a new student. He becomes obsessed with her even though she infuriates him. Alice’s goal is to make Ryley fall in love with her so that he’ll follow her into Wonderland of his own free will. As Ryley slowly discovers more and more about Wonderland he starts to beg Alice to take him there. Eventually she does, but things don’t exactly go as planned. Will the queen succeed in beheading Ryley or will Ryley end the queen’s reign? What will happen to Alice? Can there be a happily ever after?

THE DEATH OF THE MAD HATTER was an interesting spin on characters we all know and love. Alice’s heart will win you over despite the fact she continuously makes wrong decisions. Ryley is an interesting addition to the bunch and you can’t help but feel for him. The only reason I’m not in love with THE DEATH OF THE MAD HATTER is because the ending felt rushed. There was an incredible amount of build up over Ryley and how the queen wanted his head so it was a major disappointment to me when it wrapped up so quickly. I also wanted a little bit more of the Mad Hatter. Overall THE DEATH OF THE MAD HATTER is a great way to fall in love with the characters of Wonderland all over again.

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