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#Review: VIP by @AuthorMRobinson 5 Stars

VIP (VIP, #1)VIP by M. Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Do you believe in destiny? If you don't, then you will after reading VIP!

There are loads of things I love about VIP. I always love it when books are set in places I have lived and since I currently live in the Tampa Bay area it was fun to hear Tampa Bay mentioned in the book - I especially love the banter about how the Tampa Bay Rays dominate the New York Yankees. I also loved that there were two totally separate story lines about the characters in this book and I kept working out various scenarios in my mind about how these two stories with a eventually cross; I was quite surprised when the scenarios I just KNEW were going to happen, didn’t. One story line is told from a male perspective and I quite enjoyed author M. Robinson’s ability to get inside the mind of a man and write the story as a man not as a woman masquerading as a man. She did that with keen perception and what I view as a scarily accurate (like I *actually* know, but I felt like it was!). The second story line is told from the perspective of a high-priced female escort, who has pulled herself from the gutters of Section 8 housing, escaping her destiny to become a “nobody”.

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Meet the “Brady Bunch” love triangle. Olivia, Sebastian and Julia. Their story is complex, Julia and Sebastian have literally known each other since birth, but when Olivia is adopted by Julia’s parents, their perfect little world as a duo quickly turns into a trio and where you found one, you were likely to find the other two not far behind. Their lives were so closely entwined, that it’s no wonder that their relationships blossomed from friends to lovers. When tragedy strikes, their lives are forever changed.
She was like a boy only she smelled good and had long hair. She was my yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, the milk to my Oreos, and the hot fudge to my ice cream.

Who is? Wouldn't you like for me to tell you? Not gonna happen!

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I had traveled on the arm of some of the most beautiful men. I had dined in restaurants that charged money just to sit down. I had been to clubs where I always sat in VIP or a private room, rode in some of the world’s most expensive cars, been escorted around in private jets, and joined the mile high club so many fucking times that I could be the God damn president.

My time was always worth something. Having very little moral compass, I believed that anything could be bought, that everything had a price.

That is Ysabelle. She is a sexy escort and a wanted woman; all her clients love her and want to whisk her away from her life of prostitution, but she fears one day being tossed aside for something shiny and new and let’s face it, her life is pretty spectacular. With the prices her clients are paying, there is no doubt in my mind that she does indeed have a “Very Important Pussy”!
I was twenty-three years old and had the world and men at my fingertips. Everything was at my disposal at the drop of a dime.

Never having to worry about anything was my norm. I know some would think that I was cynical, I was living the life that people only dreamed of. I never felt an ounce of regret for the choices that I had made. They made me who I was, and I was motherfucking fantastic.

Yes, everything certainly was fantastic, until it wasn’t. . .

I thought author M. Robinson took extreme care in allowing the reader to really get to know the characters in this book. I thought it was extremely well thought out and I felt it really lended a hand to ensuring the reader had a firm grasp of the true character and personalities of the players in the complicated game of life and love. VIP is a long book, 710 pages to be exact and I was worried that it might be littered with repetitive scenes and rhetoric, but it wasn’t and I loved every second of it! VIP is an awesome read if you like a story that takes a walk on the wild side and is loaded with drama and characters that pull you into the story. Get it! It’s a great read!

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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