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#Review: Three Weeks with a Bull Rider

Three Weeks with a Bull Rider (Oklahoma Nights, #3)Three Weeks with a Bull Rider by Cat Johnson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I thought that Cat Johnson’s THREE WEEKS WITH A BULL RIDER was a good addition to her Oklahoma Nights series, but I also have to admit that didn’t connect with these two characters quite like I had with the previous two books. Tara and Jace consider themselves to be more enemies than friends, so they don’t feel any attraction to one another at first. Instead the story is more focused on how these two try to overcome their pasts, and how they discover that with help moving on might not be so hard after all.

Jace Mills is a landscaper by trade and a part-time bull rider on the weekends. He has been struggling with moving on from his long-term relationship, because he hasn’t exactly cut all ties with his ex like he should have. To get away, he jumps at the opportunity to ride full-time on the circuit even if it means he has to have his best friend’s little sister tag along for the ride.

Tara Jenkins is desperate to get away from her family, but more importantly to get away from the hurt she feels because of Logan and his new bride. In order to finish up her degree, she signs up to do an internship with the sports medicine team on the pro bull riding circuit. Unfortunately after only one event, the car she just used all her money to purchase breaks down. She doesn’t want to ask for help from her parents and her brother Tucker refuses to help, but Jace gives her an opportunity she can’t refuse. Although the situation isn’t an ideal one, beggars can’t be choosers so she is reluctantly stuck with Jace for the next three weeks. She just hopes they both survive it.

Sparks definitely fly between these two at the onset of the book, but eventually they find common ground and are able to come to a tentative peace agreement of sorts. Neither of them expects what will develop after a rash decision on Jace’s behalf to rein Tara in, but Jace struggles almost too much to keep himself at a distance. I enjoyed the buildup and tension between these two, but I honestly have to say that I also thought that Tara and Jace had too much going on emotionally for them to make it work as a couple. I would have liked to see the ending be better developed, because to me it just seemed too rushed and incomplete. That being said though, I was actually glad that we didn’t get any big professions of love in this one, but instead a happy for now ending. I’ve enjoyed this series overall so far and I’m looking forward to the next book. I hear Tyler’s story is next, so hopefully we can get a glimpse of where Tara and Jace are in their relationship too!

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