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#Review: Lick 5 Stars by @KylieScottbooks

Lick by Kylie Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What happens in Vegas DOESN’T stay in Vegas if what you do in Vegas is marry the lead guitarist for the famous band, Stage Dive.

Evelyn wakes up on the floor of her Vegas hotel bathroom with a wicked hangover, a tattoo of a guy’s name on her ass, a huge rock on her finger and a gorgeous guy offering her aspirin. Besides the hangover, I’d love to trade places with Evelyn. LOVE TO. (I’d probably even take the hangover if it meant I got all the other stuff…) So imagine Mr. Hottie’s shock when he tells her they got married and she vomits on him in response. Definitely one way to set yourself apart from the fangirling masses. Evelyn doesn’t ask a lot of questions; she’s content with the promise of a quick annulment and the hope that no one will ever find out. That is, until she flies home to Portland and is met with an army of paparazzi clambering to get every detail of her marriage to the one and only David Ferris.

When Evelyn’s family isn’t able to shield her from the torrents of publicity, David offers to keep her hidden until his attorneys have been able to draw up the paperwork for the annulment. But Evelyn quickly realizes that though she may not remember Vegas, David definitely does and he’s not too thrilled to be the only one.

I adored the chemistry and emotions between David and Evelyn. It was believable, charismatic, and undeniable. But so were the problems and obstacles they faced. LICK had none of the problems written just for dramatic flair and instead everything felt honest and genuine. I fell head over heels for David and completely empathized with Evelyn’s insecurities. Basically, I just loved the crap out of LICK and everything about it.

LICK is the perfect rock star romance and I’m jumping right over to PLAY for the extremely lovable Mal who I fell instantly in love with when he adorably coined the nickname “child bride” for Evelyn.

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