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#Review: Searching for Tomorrow - 5 Stars @KCrane_katiemac

Searching for Tomorrow (Tomorrows)Searching for Tomorrow by Kathryn M. Crane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes books are so emotionally draining for me that they will have me blubbering and upset for days. SEARCHING FOR TOMORROW was one of those stories. It was beautiful and sad, ugly and hopeful all at the same time, but the roller coaster of emotions was completely worth it.

Wrynn and Tripp’s fairytale life comes to a screeching halt when Tripp is killed in the line of duty. She knew his job as an Army Ranger was dangerous, but nothing could prepare Wrynn for life without Tripp. Now she has three little girls to raise on her own and the painful grief that she can only hope will eventually give so she can do better for her family. She has an awful mother-in-law who is determined to make her life miserable and makes it impossible to grasp onto any happiness. Her wonderful parents and brother make life tolerable, but there’s only so much they can do when her other half is gone. Tomorrow is something she can’t even begin to worry about because she can only focus on making it through the day.

I always promise myself that I will be resilient enough to deal with all of his stuff tomorrow. I keep searching for that tomorrow, and it never seems to come, so each day I just keep trudging along.

If this story sounds like its full of sadness and despair; that’s because it is, but there are also the small moments Wrynn is able to carve out each day for her girls, family, and friends that are beautiful and happy. When you lose the love of your life so young, it makes you appreciate life so much more and I thought Wrynn did an amazing job of grasping onto those small moments that make life wonderful. I couldn’t even imagine being able to find the happiness in everyday life if I had been in her shoes, but she does and it’s inspiring.

SEARCHING FOR TOMORROW is a truly deep and powerful story that will have you re-evaluating life and priorities. I would rate it 4.5 stars, because the story was slow at times and caused me to lose interest, but it was overall enjoyable, so I rounded it up to 5 stars. It is written completely from Wrynn’s point of view and we learn about her past life with her husband, in between chapters set in the present. It was a great way to learn about their past and appreciate what Wrynn is really going through without Tripp in her life. There are a few curves thrown in to keep things interesting, but I really can’t talk about those without ruining the surprises.

SEARCHING FOR TOMORROW did not have a cliffhanger, although we are left wondering what happened to Wrynn’s brother, Liam. FINDING HOPE FOR TOMORROW will be Liam’s story and I really can’t wait to find out what happens with this sweet and loving guy. I really recommend this series for those looking for an emotional love story that is good for all ages.

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