Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#Review: Bad Kitty ★★★★ @elizagaylebooks

Bad Kitty (Southern Shifters, #4)Bad Kitty by Eliza Gayle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

BAD KITTY is the first book of Eliza Gayle’s new spin off from her Black Cougar series and I have been anticipating this continuation for a while now. Although it isn’t necessary for you to read the first three Black Cougar books, I will caution that you will understand Kitty a bit better if you do.

Kitty has been cast out from her cougar clan and upon her arrival into the neutral zone; she is attacked by a group of vicious she-cats from her not so stellar past. While on the run for her life, Kitty finds herself in one hell of a predicament with a very unlikely ally in the form of a wolf shifter. As Rafe is rescuing the she-cat from his biggest rival’s nefarious clutches, he is shocked to find that his wolf doesn’t seem to want to let this damaged yet beautiful cougar go. To complicate things further, he is also set to be named Alpha of his pack in just a few short days so the timing really couldn’t be worse for him. Tensions have already been high within the pack, but things are even more precarious with their shaky peace agreement with the cougar clan. A mixed mating for their new Alpha could definitely cause major issues, but Rafe and Kitty have undeniable natural chemistry.

Once Kitty is on the mend, you could just feel the heat between them coming off the pages. I really loved Kitty’s feisty attitude and Rafe oozed all that Alpha male yumminess I adore so much in my heroes. I think that BAD KITTY was well paced and action packed, but that it also had a great amount of steam to make it one entertaining short read. I do wish that the ending didn’t feel so cut off, because I would have liked to see where things went after they become mates. On the other hand though, the epilogue did give us something to look forward to. Overall a solid 4 star read, and I do eagerly anticipate reading the next book.

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