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Review: Stranded with a Billionaire

Stranded with a Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club, #1)Stranded with a Billionaire by Jessica Clare
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have a new fantasy and it includes being stuck on a beautiful, deserted island with a hot billionaire.

Brontë Dawson is a waitress from the Midwest who wins a radio station contest for a free trip to the Caribbean. Her philosophy degree isn’t getting her anywhere and she’s always strapped for cash, but she can finally have a great vacation. When a hurricane hits the island, all the guests are evacuated; only Brontë gets trapped in an elevator with a man whom she believes to be the hotel manager. The man in the elevator is actually Logan Hawkings, the new billionaire owner of the island and resort. Together, they survive the hurricane and wait for a rescue. Stranded together on a deserted island. It’s as fun as it sounds.

“This little episode had made her feel somewhat close to him, and it would’ve been disturbing to think that she’d been cozying up to a married man. “Thank God.”
“I’m also not looking for a relationship.”
Arrogant ass. She nudged him with her elbow. Okay, more like shoved. “I wasn’t asking because of that. This would just be...weird...if you had a wife.”
“We’re not sleeping together, Brontë.”
“Well, technically, we just did.” It just wasn’t all that exciting, if you didn’t factor in the hurricane.
He stopped in front of her so abruptly that she bumped into his back and stepped backward with a splash of her feet. She could barely make out his expression in the low light of the stairwell.
“Why all the questions?”
“I was just curious. You know. If I’d touched single junk or married junk. I think it’s a reasonable thing to ask.”
His face was tilted as if he were staring down at her, and she could barely feel the hot fan of his breath against her skin. She wished the stairwell were better lit so she could see his expression.
“It only matters if you’re planning on grabbing it again, Brontë.”
Now there was a mental image she’d never be able to get out of her head. “Ah. Well. No, I wasn’t making plans to do that again.”
His chest rumbled in a low laugh. “Well, now I’m disappointed.”

Logan is controlling and a total alpha male. In real life I can see that being really annoying, but I love my book men in domineering. It is totally sexy and Logan has this in spades. He can be temperamental though and this makes it difficult for Brontë to understand him at times. Their relationship definitely has its ups and downs. Brontë is funny and easy-going, which is something serious Logan needs more of in is life. She is also fiercely independent due to childhood events and this doesn’t go over well with Logan. Their personalities make for an interesting love connection and as they discover how to navigate a life together, there is no shortage of conflicts.

My issue with the story was that I didn’t understand why Brontë was so mad at Logan when she found out he was a billionaire. Yes, he lied, but couldn’t she see that he liked knowing she wanted him even when he was just a hotel manager? She blows up and doesn’t think about his point of view. This part of the story didn’t seem believable to me. At least have a discussion with the man! I also felt at times that Brontë’s emotions were all over the place. Her issues with Logan change from time to time. I would’ve liked to see more definition to the story. These are minor problems though and can be overlooked for an enjoyable story.

STRANDED WITH A BILLIONAIRE is a light, fun read. If it sounds good to you, then Jessica Clare has five more billionaires for you to discover in the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB series.

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