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#Review: The Demarcation of Jack by @BlakelyBennett

The Demarcation of JackThe Demarcation of Jack by Blakely Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I gotta give major kudos to this husband and wife team, Blakely & Dana Bennett for pulling off a most excellent and entertaining read called THE DEMARCATION OF JACK. See that couple in the picture above? That would be my husband and me if we were writing a book together – both of us mostly clueless, but the female wears an expression that would be permanently plastered on my face. He would just want to be having fun and I would be the ultimate “fun sponge” – while trying to reign him in long enough to just come up with a plot! Great job guys!

I am totally a fan of Blakely Bennett’s work, but if you have her other books (MY BODY Trilogy) in mind, you know the ones that are chocked full of domination and submission to the “Nth” degree, then just push that to the far, far reaches of your brain, because her MY BODY Trilogy is NOTHING like THE DEMARCATION OF JACK.

Jack and Jenna are in a bad place in their marriage. Like many couples, they have grown and evolved, but the problem is that they have grown in different directions. Things that they once loved about the other are now annoying and not as “cute” as they once were.
In the beginning, his child-like enthusiasm in almost every situation fascinated her, but recently, that fascination had morphed into a constant irritation.
In an effort to rekindle the love they have lost, they head off on a tropical adventure. Sounds awesome, right? Well, Jack is apparently the dumb ass of all dumbasses and invites another couple to join them! And if that isn’t enough, the resort is chocked full of all the hedonistic pleasures that couples might encounter if they were interested in taking a walk on the wild side with OTHER COUPLES – See? Dumb ass of the century! You see where this is going, right?

Jack is the ultimate free spirit and just wants to get his dick wet, but when their vacation meant for rekindling their romance takes a majorly unexpected turn, Jack finds himself in the most unlikely predicament. He quickly (but not quickly enough) realizes the implications of adding others to the mix of their very complicated relationship and it ain’t pretty!

THE DEMARCATION OF JACK wraps up their island adventure, but there’s still a lot in store for Jack and Jenna and I have a few sneaky suspicions about the next curve-ball that the Bennett duo plan to throw their way. I am anxious to see how this trilogy called FRACTURED FIDELITIES will play out. This is a must read if you love reading about love on the rocks and naughty boys ;-)

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Unknown said...

We are so glad you love The Demarcation of Jack! We enjoyed your review and appreciate you taking the time to read it. Next up is Jenna's Rubicon, book two of the Fractured Fidelities Trilogy. Don't get too far ahead. We have to finish writing it first. ;)
Blakely's Stuck In Between should be ready in a month or less. It's in the editor's hands.
Warm hugs,
Blakely & Dana

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

Loved it! You know I am going to try to rush you guys - it's in my nature :-) And obviously I want to read STUCK IN BETWEEN - I don't even know what it's about! lol...

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