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Blog Tour #Review: Tragic Love by @MSBrannonAuthor

Tragic Love by M.S. Brannon


“From the moment I locked eyes with hers, we've had this undeniable connection that was and will always be wicked. A love that would literally kill me if it didn't survive, but lately, could kill me if it did.” ~Drake Evans.

For Drake and Presley, life has handed them more challenges than any one person should ever face in a lifetime. Together, they've survived Presley’s captivity from her deranged uncle, but now they must learn how to live with the events that surrounded her time spent with him, while keeping the details of her rescue a secret.

For Presley Quinn, living the last two years has been practically unbearable, constantly drowning in nightmares put there by a man responsible for the violent imagines continually playing in her mind. She keeps moving forward, but is barely clinging onto the edge when she’s faced with another obstacle from her past that is so unavoidable, so tragic, it threatens to break her apart—herself.

Drake will do anything to protect Presley from ever feeling pain again. His love is irrefutable. He walks side by side with her, vowing he will never let anyone harm her again. However, when an unexpected event turns Presley against everyone she’s ever loved, Drake is faced with trying to save the only woman he’s ever loved or severing the only lifeline she’s ever had—himself.

**Mature Content Warning** 17 years and older for language and sexual content.**


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Talk about getting dark and dirty. M.S. Brannon doesn’t hold anything back when she shows how depression affects not just the one afflicted but everyone who loves them.

Presley knows all about being in a dark place. That’s basically been her life since she was a little girl. Even when she had parents who loved her, she had a sadness inside that wouldn’t go away. Battling depression, she withheld food from herself to diminish the pain, finally being institutionalized for anorexia and depression. If she could create a stronger ache, the darkness in her head could be held at bay. When she lost her parents and moved to Sulfur Heights, Drake became her knew escape. But holding in the secrets of what her uncle did to her is starting to become too much, even with the distraction Drake creates. When something new and unexpected enters the picture, Presley feels like Drake’s devotion is divided and she turns to something stronger to help her hide from her head.

Drake loves Presley more than he loves the air he breathes but how much can a young man juggling two jobs and a world of responsibility take? Can he save Presley and will he recognize her when all is said and done?

TRAGIC LOVE dealt with a ton of dark issues and wasn’t afraid to really dig in and explore. When Presley battled addiction I could truly understand what it must feel like even after the withdrawals are long gone. The never-ending ache, the pull to escape when something bad happens. I could completely understand, sympathize, and empathize with everything Presley went through—and trust me, it was a lot. I am extremely impressed with M.S. Brannon’s ability to describe feelings and emotions in a way that allows anyone reading to become one with the character, no matter how different the character’s reality is from their own.

Honestly, the only thing keeping me from giving TRAGIC LOVE 5 stars was the tendency to fast-forward through several weeks or even months at a time throughout the book. Obviously with something like depression, addiction, and the other obstacles Presley faced, a lot of time needs to pass by for us to really experience everything she goes through; but I felt like that same necessity held me slightly removed, like I wasn’t 100 percent in the moment because we had to cover so much time in one book.

I cried, ached, and hoped for Drake, Presley, and the entire Evans family and am really looking forward to Jake and Delilah’s story in BLIND LOVE. I thought the glimpses into a possible relationship between Jake and Delilah were really nicely done without being overkill. Even more than my interest in Jake and Delilah, I’m so intrigued by the mysterious Jeremy and I can’t wait to see what is really behind his secret phone calls and quiet demeanor. I’m hoping to see some happiness for the Evans family in spite of their obstacles, but I know I’ll enjoy the darkness along the way.

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About the Author:

M.S. Brannon was born and raised in the Midwest. She still resides there today with her wonderful husband and son. When she is not writing or reading, M.S. Brannon spends time with her family, watching movies, and discovering new music. She writes romance because she believes love and heartache is the rawest emotion one can experience.

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