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Blog Tour Excerpt and #Giveaway - One Night Three Hearts by @AdeleAllaire

One Night Three Hearts by Adele Allaire


Thirty-five year old unemployed Rose struggles with unemployment, weight gain, and now an infertility diagnosis that requires expensive IVF treatments she and her husband can’t afford. Her obsession with becoming a mother before her biological clock ticks down allows ovulation kits to completely dictate marital relations with Jason, her loving husband for over a decade.

Desperate to reignite the fire in their marriage, Jason goes to the one person he thinks can help save his marriage — his long time friend, Matt. Unknown to the couple, Matt has an exotic motive that will either tear the couple apart through his manipulations or reunite them with a shared determination to expose their buried desires.

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Interviews Adele Allaire:

1. What is the toughest part about the writing process?

Ending the process and publishing. I’m the worst critic of my own work, and I’m constantly revising and rewriting through my own arbitrary deadlines.

2. What do you do when you can't think of a thing to write?

Read or watch something like a few episodes of my favorite series or a good movie. Most of my inspiration comes from non-fiction; I love reading biographies. Sometimes I find it’s best to walk away from writing and just read something completely out of my genre. Other times, I really focus on the treasure trove of self-published erotica and women’s fiction. I bought all the books featured in the Holiday Blog Tour and I enjoyed everything I read so far.

When I get stuck writing a story, I show what I have so far to my editor or the people who graciously volunteer as beta readers. They ask questions, and I try to develop a way to answer them in the book. This is tricky because I’m still trying to figure out my writing process, and sometimes I stall out for weeks over figuring out a way to address specific feedback. But when it’s all done, I look back and realize the one thing that had me hesitating actually improved the story’s quality.

3. When you are writing, do you set it up in an outline first or do you just formulate a plan in your head and start writing? 

I am definitely an outliner in the grand scheme of things. The process becomes more freeform in the individual chapters because I’m trying to hit very specific emotional goals or reveal/introduce information at different points in order to maintain interest.

Then I realize what I wrote completely doesn’t match what I outlined, and I stare at a blinking cursor for a few hours.

4. ONE NIGHT THREE HEARTS deals with some tough topics that many women/couples deal with, weight issues, infertility, lost the spark in their marriage.  Are any of those things reflective of anything that has happened in your real life?

The infertility treatment process may cause significant impact on a marriage. It’s different for every couple. My goal with this trilogy was not to tell a story my husband and I experienced, but to explore the process and emotions associated with in vitro fertilization using completely fictional characters. Many well-written non-fiction books exist on the topic, and in this trilogy, I chose deliberately not to include too much medical detail in order to maintain focus on the choices the characters make, why they make them, and their consequences.

5. What would you like for us to know about ONE WEEK THREE HEARTS?

ONE WEEK THREE HEARTS continues the storyline introduced in ONE NIGHT THREE HEARTS. It’s double the first book’s length, and a lot of things happen to the three main characters. I didn’t want to write a ménage story where everyone conveniently wakes up in love and everything is immediately perfect. So the first book introduces the characters, and the second book in the trilogy introduces the struggle the three go through.

6. I see that you sometimes dabble in sci-fi books – do you write them or do you just stick to reading them?

Both. I love reading good science fiction and fantasy from new and established authors, and writing science fiction fantasy is a labor of love. It serves as another outlet to develop strong female leads, but I sometimes find it difficult to balance what I enjoy reading and what I enjoy writing.

7. Once you finish the Three Hearts Trilogy, do you have any plans for other books? If so, what can we expect?

An introduction to the dark science fiction fantasy featuring a strong female lead, plus another contemporary work that focuses on a different relationship triangle premise.

8. What do you do while you are getting your writing career off the ground?

I’m a copy editor in a completely unrelated field. It’s difficult juggling the time demands of both, but I really enjoy working with other writers.

Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in the Holiday Blog Tour. The communities on Goodreads along with all the blogs involved worked really hard and did a fantastic job!

Coming Soon: January 2014

One Week Three Hearts by Adele Allaire
(Three Hearts Trilogy, #2)

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Adele Allaire writes sensual women's fiction steeped in dramatic symbolism as an escape from her copy editing day job.

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