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Review: Underestimated

UnderestimatedUnderestimated by Jettie Woodruff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

UNDERESTIMATED knocked my socks off! It’s a very unique romance that skirts the edge of darkness, but I read a lot of dark stuff, so, just remember that all levels of “dark” are relative . . .

I’ll have to keep things vague in an effort to keep the story exciting and mysterious for everyone. As you probably gathered from the blurb, UNDERESTIMATED is definitely NOT your typical story of “happily ever after,” so if the fairy tale thing is what you are looking for, then move along, because this ain’t gonna be yo thang.

What happens when the man you have only known as a monster turns into your Prince Charming? What about the man you thought was the man of your dreams turns out not to be? Yes, I know, it’s all very confusing but when you are reading the book, it’s really only the emotional aspect that is confusing because I can pretty much guarantee that one minute you will be thinking Run away! He’s a psycho, what are you thinking? and the next minute you might be thinking Hurry the hell up and get naked!

Morgan grew up poor and she had to learn to fend for herself and her younger brother from a very early age. Life was rough, but when her scumbag father sells her to a wealthy man who ultimately turns her into an abused sex slave, life gets worse, real quick. Morgan is determined to take charge of her own destiny and manages to escape captivity.

As Morgan begins to flourish in her new life, I was overwhelmed with happiness for her but I was also on pins and needles as I waited for the other shoe to drop and for all hell to break loose. What happens next was such a shocking turn of events, that I was totally speechless and bewildered with thoughts of where the story might go.

I struggled a bit with Morgan’s character throughout the book, but it wasn’t until the end that I was able to accept her choices with total clarity and actually really like and embrace her character. I tried to put myself in her shoes and think about what I would do and I just didn’t know – I was totally conflicted until the very end. At times, I felt that she was just too stupid to live – in my eyes, at that moment in the book, her decision should have been crystal clear – to me, there was no option and there was just one choice. On multiple occasions, I felt that Morgan was extremely selfish in her relationships with her two love interests, Drew and Dawson – she must have had a puntang made of gold, because they were both chasing her like little puppies at chow time.

Ultimately, I felt that she did the only thing she could have done based on the chain of events that led her down the path she traveled. UNDERESTIMATED was a page-turner. For a long book (about 550 print pages), I flew through it and even got up early this morning so I could finish it before work – now THAT is something, because I am NOT a morning person and who the hell reads dark shit at 5 am? *raises hand*

Author, Jettie Woodruff has a new fan and her name is I ♥ Bookie Nookie! I enjoyed her work so much that I jumped right on into another one of her darkish reads, PLAUSIBILITY… So far, so good! If you check out UNDERESTIMATED, I hope you love it as much as I did.

SIDE NOTES: If I never read the word “vagina” again, it will be too soon. LOL… That would be my 1 area for improvement: NO MORE "STUPID" VAGINA!

This is really a note for myself since I can’t really say much about this, but Lauren… Grrrrrrrrr… Lauren is NOT a friend. Her character was a huge disappointment. There are some lines that should never be crossed and she crossed it and pissed all over that damn line. She would be cut-the-fuck-off! Some might say that Lauren's story was bittersweet. I might say: DEAD TO ME!

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