Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Sia

Sia by Josh Grayson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

SIA is a light and entertaining read about second chances.

Sia wakes up in a park, alone, with no memory and no idea where to go. She spends a week homeless, taken in by a kind bag lady who helps her learn how to survive on the streets. An accident sends her into the hospital where they are able to locate her family and suddenly her life is upside-down all over again. She is told that the best thing to do is re-immerse herself in her old life until her memory returns, but Sia quickly realizes she hates the person that she used to be. Determined to prove to herself and those around her that she can be a better, kinder person, she sets out on a journey to make a difference. But can she make a difference when her old friends refuse to accept the new Sia and her old enemies don’t trust ANY Sia? And what’s more, will she still want to be the new Sia when her memories return?

From the cover and concept, I was really excited to read SIA. And while the story flowed really well and kept me entertained, it just didn’t push deep enough for me to truly love it. It was more like a surface level story with one-dimensional characters—it was a bit predictable and at times cheesy. And while the part I most looked forward to was the love interest between Kyle and Sia, it just didn’t sizzle. The chemistry and attraction didn’t come out in the pages and it wasn’t as integral of a focus to the storyline as I’d hoped. The mean girls weren’t that believable—and in the end the steps they made towards changing weren’t convincing. I did think the story was a nice light read and it kept me interested—but kind of the way a made-for-tv-special does—in the I’m going to learn a valuable lesson about putting others before myself kind of way. I enjoy that kind of thing every once in a while, but I never forget that it’s being shown to teach me a lesson and not as a credible storyline.

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