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Review: Killing Sarai

Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s midnight and I’m still in last night’s pajamas.  Too much information?   Sorry.  But this story was epic.  The “leave me alone, don’t interrupt, I’m not leaving this couch until I finish, I’m sorry husband but you’re going to have to figure out what to do with these toddlers because if it involves me putting this book down It’s. Not. Going. To. Happen.” kind of book.  It just was.  I did brush my teeth. But that’s about it. 

Can any of us even fathom what it would be like to spend NINE YEARS in captivity?  To have sex daily with a drug lord and watch other girls get tortured, raped, abused, killed?  To have survival instincts set in so deeply that you teach your body to respond a certain way when your captor touches you, to not shed a tear as girls you care for are tortured or killed in front of you?  This is Sarai’s life.  The only one she knows.  And despite teaching herself to close off her emotions and act with skills that should earn her an Oscar, she doesn’t waste her first opportunity in nine years to escape.  She sees an American, even a stone cold murder-for-hire American, and she escapes the compound and stows away in his car, willing to risk an unknown future with him over the reality she’s lived with for so many years. 

Only what she couldn’t have anticipated is that this man has NO emotions.  No feelings.  He couldn’t care less that she’s been held captive and he has no intention of straying from his agenda to help her escape.  Or at least, that’s what he thinks.  Slowly but surely, Sarai breaks through the hard shell that Victor has built since the age of nine, when he was first recruited by the Order to kill for them.  It’s the only life he knows, the only life his parents knew, and he’s been taught all his life that to have ties to ANYONE is a liability, a weakness; and he can’t have that, not in his line of work.

Victor and Sarai were incredible characters.  Victor’s talent as a killer and his alert, highly-attuned senses to everything and everyone around him were an instant turn-on.  And Sarai: she’s broken, so broken, and yet she has a will to survive that defies all odds.  Nothing scares her; well, nothing except an uncertain future without Victor, and she is persistent and vulnerable and incredible.  I loved them, I loved their journey, I loved the incredible, powerful tale that J.A. Redmerski weaved and I am awe struck and OH SO GRATEFUL that there’s a sequel.  Somehow I missed that when I was picking up the book, that this was a series, but OMG I am so glad!  And the teaser of what is to COME????  I’m so excited I could scream.  Shout. Jump up and down and dance for joy.  

REVIVING IZABEL is sure to be a page-turner and I’ve got my calendar marked in permanent marker for the release date on December 10th!!!   Husband might have to take a day off of work because it’s a Tuesday and there’s no way I can take care of the kiddos when this book comes out!  

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