Friday, October 25, 2013

Important Information about receiving books from authors via your Amazon Account

I may not be sharing anything with you that you don't already know, but I thought it was important enough to address in case you didn't know regarding sending ARCs directly to the kindle.

Did You know that when someone sends a document to your kindle via Amazon you may incur a charge for this?  Yes!  It's true!

When a document is sent to your [name] a delivery charge applies if you are not using wifi - sometimes people don't know to turn off whispernet and turn on wifi.  Don't worry,  you can set a max charge limit so the fees incurred are not astronomical, but if you are not aware of this and do not pay close attention to you Amazon account, you may not notice that you have been charged. It is important to note that Amazon does not send you invoices for the whispernet charges, so you will likely never know you have been charged.

To see if you have ever incurred a charge when receiving a personal document, like an ARC or a book you are reading to review, follow these steps:
  • Go to manage your kindle 
  • On the left under your kindle acct 
  • Personal document settings 
  • Then you will see whispernet delivery options
  • At the bottom, you will see "Personal Document Service Charges" like this: 

So, what can you do?

Amazon offers a FREE kindle address, but it's tough to find information about that because...  well, they make more money by you not knowing this!  If you have them send it to your FREE Kindle address, it will not charge you:  [name]  Don't forget to add the sender's name to your "safe senders" list in Amazon.

Then, Amazon will send an email to your regular email address instead of delivering it directly to your kindle and you can either click the link in the email to have it sent to your kindle or for older generation kindles, you will have to use a USB cable or go to your amazon "manage my kindle" page and choose to "send to xyz device"

I hope you all find this information to be helpful! Please post if you have questions or comments!


Here is more about the fees under "Kindle Personal Documents Service Fee - there is also a note to customers about the free kindle address:

and here:

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