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Review: The Suicide Princess

The Suicide Princess
The Suicide Princess by Anthony Bryan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, I must be honest. I did something I never do… I'm a shameless hussy and practically begged the author for an ARC of THE SUICIDE PRINCESS. Well, okay, let’s not get crazy, I didn't have to quite resort to begging, but I did ask to read it and he's such a doll that he indulged my curiosity and honored my bold request!

A recommendation was what first piqued my interest in THE SUICIDE PRINCESS, but the blurb is what sealed the deal for me. The story certainly contains elements that I generally flock to:

✔ Erotic
✔ Mysterious
✔ Romantic (sort of)

Stephanie Bradford is a very smart woman, but apparently that is only when it comes to the books. When it comes to practical applications in real life, it seems that she is a complete dumbass. From her very first encounter with the mysterious stranger, Derrick, who was OBVIOUSLY hitting on her, I knew she was going to need a slap in the face to get her out of that lust induced haze brought on by said stranger.

Stephanie has it all, but in the middle of all the perfection, she is missing the passion she once had with her husband. So, in a snap decision, she puts everything on the line for a little nookie – ok, a lot of dirty-hot nookie, but nookie nonetheless. Good lord! I was stressed out while reading the first few pages, because I knew what it was all leading up to – I also knew nothing good could possibly come of it. Here’s what I learned from her lover turned psycho:

... treat a slut like a lady and treat a lady like a slut ...

I like that. Being a lady myself, I understand the excitement behind that mentality. You just want to remember that if you are married, then your husband should be the one treating you like a slut (if you’re a lady, of course). I have no idea what lover-boy Derrick has in his pants, but it must be one magical cock, because Stephanie’s poor decision to flirt via text message turns into an illicit affair in record time. Stephanie must have been feeling VERY deprived because she puts her marriage in jeopardy, her job as an up and coming attorney at risk and generally puts sex with Derrick before just about everything else.

Where on earth does a woman find a husband like Jacob? That man is a freaking saint! He definitely deserves the “Husband of the Year” award – well, I keep forgetting that he was totally ignoring Stephanie’s sexual needs, so he isn’t perfect, but damned near close to it!

THE SUICIDE PRINCESS is a great story for readers who enjoy an exciting combination of suspense, sex, lust and romance. New author, Anthony Bryan is definitely going on my “Men Who Write Erotic Romance - Must Read” list (if you know me, then you know I am less inclined to read erotic/romance reads written by male authors, but I am slowly changing my mind on that.). Check out THE SUICIDE PRINCESS, I doubt you will be disappointed.

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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