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Review: Emerge by S.E. Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Squee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? I am on such a high right now – I can’t believe I just had the pleasure of reading EMERGE – it was so good!

EMERGE is all about the love triangle – but usually I know from very early on who I want the girl to choose – I may feel bad for the other guy – but there is almost ALWAYS a clear winner for me. Not. This. Time. I cannot fault Laney for one second of her debating, one second of her waffling, because I was right there with her! How do you choose between perfection? How does she pick when both guys are so different and yet so amazingly made just for her? 

Evan is the guy who has always stood by her, always looked out for her—her first love and her best friend. 

There’s nowhere in the world like Evan’s embrace. It’s here and only here that I find total acceptance, unconditional love, and a man’s desire for only me. 

He is romantic and respectful and he knows exactly what he has in Laney and has no intention of ever letting her go. As an attractive football player he’s had plenty of girls throw themselves at him, but he has only ever had eyes for Laney. When Laney and Evan get athletic scholarships to two separate schools, he is disappointed but determined that they will be able to survive the long distance. Laney on the other hand makes the ultimate sacrifice in the hopes of keeping Evan’s love in the long term. She isn’t willing to risk him cheating on her and possibly ruining everything, so instead she decides to set him free – that way if he gets weak or tempted, she won’t have to hate him for it for the rest of her life. They go to their separate colleges, single, but still very much involved. 

Then she meets Dane. Dane is a mystery—a drop dead gorgeous, anyone would fall at his feet drooling, mystery. 

Dane turned to us, and Good Lord…I hope their parents are breeding professionally because they’d make a fortune! If big brother is hot, then little brother is illegal, immortal, and too damn pretty not to be a girl. This guy seriously belongs on the cover of “World’s Sexiest Reasons to Drop Your Panties.” 

But he’s not just the mysterious bad boy. He also gets her – innocence, shyness, and all. He respects her and he is so head over heels for her he’s even willing to put up with her confusion and guilt over her feelings for Evan; well, up to a point anyway. 

“I won’t share you, Laney. Not your lips, not your thoughts, not your body, and especially not your heart. You don’t have to give it all to me just yet, but give me nothing if any of it belongs to him. Do you understand?” 

And the way Dane talked… OH MY panty dropping hotness. He could talk. He would jealously ask Laney what random male friend she was with and I’d be a melting puddle on the floor. And don’t even get me started when he asked what she’d done with Evan sexually. I didn’t know there was a sexy way to ask about someone’s past sexual experiences – but apparently I just have No. Idea. Everything from his caveman thoughts to his domineering personality had me swooning. 

I was so happy with all three of the main characters (Laney, Evan & Dane) for their openness and honesty. You know when you’re reading a book and you’re like, that is such a stupid misunderstanding, just say something?!? Well they would just say it, call each other out, and get over it! I loved not having to deal with stupid immaterial drama just for the sake of a story arc! 

This book had me bouncing on my chair in suspense – guessing certain things and then praying with all my might that I was wrong. I worried, I wondered, and mostly I just felt all the agony that a decision like choosing between Evan and Dane was. Despite my pain, I did finally have a preference and I fell completely and unequivocally in love. I loved where Laney ended up – was so happy and ecstatic, all the way up until I felt the pain it would be to not be chosen and then I hated her for putting anyone through that. But that is what it was to be immersed in EMERGE – I could so completely emphasize with each of the characters that I could be 100% on board until I was 100% not. S.E. Hall has truly created the perfect love triangle – where everyone has a legitimate vie for the win and the reader can completely understand each character’s emotions. I loved this book, I loved the journey it took me on, the ending, and most of all I LOVE that it’s not over! I’m only days away from getting my hands on EMBRACE and I just can’t wait!

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