Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: The Winning Season

The Winning Season
The Winning Season by Alison Packard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sports themed story plus a bad boy hero and a sassy, no-nonsense heroine equals a stellar combination in THE WINNING SEASON!

I must admit I am kind of a sucker for the ‘famous bad-boy falls for the average Jill’ type story. Isn’t the bad boy to romance readers like apple pie or better yet, baseball is to Americans? I think that is a pretty accurate assessment.

As a life-long fan, Kelly Maxwell is blissfully happy in her dream job as the publicist for the professional baseball team, the San Francisco Blaze. The stars have aligned and everything is just perfect… that is until The Blaze acquires Dodgers bad boy, Matt Scanlon. Although Kelly can admit that Matt is a super-sexy specimen of male perfection, he is kind of a publicist’s nightmare. With all his hard partying and womanizing, he has done a pretty good job at owning the title of “bad boy.” On top of that, his attitude sucks, he won’t do interviews and he doesn’t play well with others. The chip he sports on his shoulder is large enough to rival Mt. Rushmore, but with all that said, he has his reasons.

The more Matt refuses interviews, the more the media wants an interview. Kelly is a tough chick; she has to be tough in this male dominated industry. If she want’s to keep her job, she’s going to have to change her tactics in order to get through to him, but she’s not going to compromise the respect she has earned by being his door just to feed his ego. Maybe he’s not looking for that at all, maybe he just wants her to see him for the man he really is, not that bad boy that got him traded to begin with. The sooner Kelly realizes he is a changed man, the sooner she will get what she wants, but the real question is: What exactly is it that she wants from him?

The chemistry between Matt and Kelly is undeniable and watching them fall was such a satisfying and sexy adventure. If sporty romance reads are your thing, THE WINNING SEASON is a home run that’s sure to hit the spot!

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