Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review: Rush Me

Rush Me
Rush Me by Allison Parr

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although I had to suspend reality a bit for RUSH ME, I loved it nonetheless.

What’s the first thing a group of professional athletes think when a single girl crashes their party and then comes back the next day to “get her scarf”? Of course, they invite her in, welcome her with open arms and tell her to pull up a seat and join them in a game of poker… Errr… OR They call security because they think she is a stalker wanting to get in on some professional athlete action. Yeah, I am with Ryan’s cynical line of thinking on this one, but all his NFL playing buddies take a liking to Rachael immediately like she’s been around all along. Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s the “suspend reality” part – I am sure that all famous people have to be cautious of the “stage-5 clingers”.

Rachael is a down to earth kind of girl and maybe that’s what the guys see in her. She is grounded and has absolutely no interest in securing any private time with the ‘Almighty Ryan Carter – Pro-Athlete’. *Eyeroll* He is so full of himself to even think she is attracted to him! She has more important things to think about than a dead-end romance. *Snort* Oh yeah? Like what? Eventually they can’t deny the chemistry they feel.

RUSH ME is a new adult, sports themed contemporary romance. Snatch it up if those things appeal to you – it’s entertaining and sexy and you’ll be rooting for Rachael and Ryan all the way until the end!

My favorite quote from the book – such great words to live by:
Even with the lows, there’re all those highs. And isn’t that better than a life of mediocrity?

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