Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Rearranged

Rearranged by Tina Carreiro

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The nectar of a Georgia Peach is so sweet and delicious there’s no wonder you feel like “Bubba Gump” in a peach orchard the second you step across state lines. Georgia residents make anything and everything you can imagine from the tasty flesh of a peach. I should know, I myself was raised as a Georgia Peach… Bless my soul and I know just how fast that Peachy status can bring a grown man to his knees. Lucky him…

Georgia Peach, Carly West is no exception. Carly’s sweet, southern disposition and solid work ethic make her a prime catch for any man, but that doesn’t mean just any man deserves her. Enter Wade Dawson. He’s the bounty hunter in charge of wrangling her in and making sure she makes it to the alter, not with him, but to wed another man. Wade is focused and he’s determined to accomplish the task at hand, but Carly calls to him like honey does to the lowly fly and resisting her southern charm is proving to be a hell of a lot more difficult than he ever imagined.

If you were mine, I’d put my tongue right here.” . . . “And I’d lick you until the neighbors knew my name.

Oh My God, Cowboy! Knock yourself out and lick away! Wade Dawson, if you’re bringing that dirty mouth to my house, you had better be prepared to know every neighbor in a 25-mile radius!

Cowboy? Did I mention that he is also a cowboy? Yes, he is a bounty-hunting, dirty-talking cowboy with all kinds of sexy to spare, but he is only interested in Miss Carly West and that fact has him so twisted up inside he can hardly think straight. But Wade is an honorable man and there is no chance he would ever poach in another man’s territory. Um-hmm… There’s a reason someone came up with that phrase: “never say never,” because I know for a fact that good cowboys ALWAYS rescue their damsel in distress and trust me when I say that Carly is in desperate need of being rescued!

Wade is a master of many things, but he has the market cornered when it comes to 2 things: Fightin’ and fuckin’. His words, not mine, but damn fine words they are! I’ll challenge any romance lover to read REARRANGED and walk away without fantasizing about Wade and those specific talents, and not necessarily in that order! Trust me, you’ll be lookin’ for the next best bounty-hunting, dirty-talking cowboy you can find to get busy with!

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