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Review: Immortal Healer

Immortal Healer by Elizabeth Finn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She's back! Did you hear me? Elizabeth Finn is back! I was really beginning to think her paranormal series was just not for me, but Quentin and Abigail's story brought all the things that I love about Elizabeth Finn's writing to the paranormal genre! Yay! Are you sure there's only three in the paranormal romance series? Because I feel like we're just getting started!

Abby was abused by Mason (Ember's captor) for years and finally managed to escape thanks to Quentin and Truman, but recovering from a monster the world doesn't believe exists is hard to do. Quentin was never able to forget Abby after seeing her that night at Mason's, but when he finally finds her she's neck-deep in trouble with the law and looking at prison time for her most recent assault charge.

Quentin decides to help Abby since she never would have been in this position if it weren't for the worst of his kind destroying her emotional stability. He takes her in, nurses her back to health, and helps her with her legal troubles. The only problem? Even as she struggles to trust a man, and a vampire no less, who clearly has her best interests at heart; she still can't let go of her fears of the men who would rape and torture her if they had the chance. And even when she faces her biggest fears, a new problem arises that threatens her very existence. Quentin may be her best option at a future, but even he has his doubts he can help her fight her newest obstacle.

I loved every aspect of this story. From the very first page I could feel Abby's emotions, her terrifying situation, and her understandable trauma from her captivity. Quentin was true and solid, loyal and consistent from book 1 to now and I loved seeing him fall hard when a woman finally got under his skin. I even loved getting to be re-introduced to Ember and seeing her from a different perspective. IMMORTAL HEALER was a fantastic end to this series and I couldn't be happier about the way things turned out for the final couple in The Immortals series.

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