Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Red

Red by Kate Kinsey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Should it matter to an employer what a person does in their private time? In my opinion, NO, it shouldn’t matter, but sadly, it often does. RED is a spine-tingling, BDSM thriller that will leave you panting for more… More of the story, more answers and more of the dangerously hot sex!

As the only female detective on the force, Gina Larsen has to watch her step. Gina has dark desires that she struggles to suppress and the last thing she needs is the townspeople or men in the department catching wind of her kinky and erotic tastes.
There is one man in the department who knows and has kept her secret, Detective Tom Hanson, he is well aware of her “freak in the sheets” dark-side. Although it has been years since he has tasted her specific brand of loving, the erotic sexual encounters will be forever imprinted on his soul, but that ship has long since sailed for Gina and Tom.

When Gina’s private liaisons are revealed to the public, she is forced to leave her position as a police officer. When a crazed killer begins murdering members of an underground sex club, she just might hold the key in the knowledge she possesses. Detective turned professional Dominatrix, Gina has insight into the enigmatic world of the BDSM culture that the department needs. Who better to coax her into helping the department that turned their back on her than the very sexy and closet kinky, Detective Tom Hanson?

RED is darkly erotic. Author Kate Kinsey brings this naughty psychological thriller to life weaving a seductive web that is sure to trap you from the very first page.

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