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Review: S.E.C.R.E.T.: A Novel

S.E.C.R.E.T.: A Novel
S.E.C.R.E.T.: A Novel by L. Marie Adeline

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sizzling hot and sometimes dir-tay, don’t lie, everyone has them… SECRETS, that’s what we are talking about, those secret desires that you don’t tell anyone about for fear of being judged. What would you do if given the opportunity to have those erotic secret fantasies realized?

Following the death of her husband, Cassie Robichaud basically withdrew and resorted to a life of solitude filled with regret and guilt. One lucky day, while waiting tables, she finds a diary left by a customer. It’s not just any kind of diary, it is a journal filled with erotic fantasies…or maybe actual events, she is not sure. After reading a page or two… okay maybe three, she does know that the forbidden desires written on the pages make her feel more sexually aroused than she has felt in a long time, as the words conjure images worthy of a first class porno. Cassie feels revived and energized by the words, but also ashamed that she invaded this sweet lady’s most private thoughts.

Once the diary is returned to its rightful owner, Cassie life as she once knew it is forever changed as she is introduced to S●E●C●R●E●T. What is S●E●C●R●E●T? Think of S●E●C●R●E●T as being an underground sorority and in this case, the women associated with this secret society band together to make even the most wicked dreams come true for other women. Damn! Do these really exist? Got to find me one of those… As Cassie’s journey progresses and she becomes more involved in S●E●C●R●E●T, she feels free-spirited, desired and confident – feelings she rarely experienced in her “old” life. When her 10-step journey concludes and Cassie is faced with a tough decision, which path does she choose?

S●E●C●R●E●T was filled with a variety of naughty goodness, but I would have liked a bit more story and character development between each step. I felt that the story just went from step to step without a whole lot of substance in between – this is the point of weakness that holds this book back from being a solid 5 star read. L. Marie Adeline definitely gets big points for originality and sensuality and I can’t wait for book 2, especially since we were left with a mild cliffhanger. Read S●E●C●R●E●T if you like the idea of fantasies becoming reality and be sure to take a box of batteries to bed with you – trust me, you’re gonna need ‘em!

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