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Review: Rhianna

RhiannaRhianna by Amanda L.V. Shalaby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you want to read a book that breathes historic romance and has the same gorgeous, lyrical writing as all your favorite classics, then look no further than RHIANNA. Amanda L.V. Shalaby delivers an amazing, fully developed story with twists and turns that keep you captivated while maintaining all of the beautiful writing of times old. She develops a slow-building love story that keeps you wanting more while sharing a tale filled with mystery and suspense.

Rhianna has never felt close to her parents; so at the news of their deaths, she feels only guilt at her lack of emotions. Lord Guilford Kingsley delivers the news in person and offers his home as Rhianna returns to England to fulfill her family duties. She soon finds herself immersed in the Kingsley's lives as governess of Kingsley's daughter. More importantly, she meets Lord Thayne Brighton, who she fights her developing feelings for knowing he'd never marry someone of her station. All of this is told under an air of mystery as the author slowly provides other information that shows the reader all is not as it seems.

The reader is swept up in both the mystery surrounding Rhianna's parentage and the romance between Rhianna and Lord Brighton, both equally interesting and all-encompassing. My only complaint, and mind you it doesn't stop me from giving this read a full 5 stars, was Rhianna's decision to run into danger not once but twice in the latter part of the book, which I would have forgiven but her excuse was so ridiculous and trivial that I couldn't help but fume at the typical girl in a book doing something they're told not to only to require saving by the male lead. Still, this book was wonderful and different and a must read for lovers of historical fiction.

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