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Review: Heated Match

Heated Match (Coded for Love, #1)Heated Match by Lynne Silver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

HEATED MATCH was nothing like what I thought I'd be reading when I decided to get this book, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed! From the picture and summary, I thought I was choosing an erotica romance with a Sci-Fi subplot. Instead I found a romantic suspense novel with a really intriguing Sci-Fi story that had me cursing the bad guy and cheering for Adam and Loren to save each other in every sense of the word.

Adam is a highly trained team leader of a covert ops group, but one look at Loren has him forgetting his mission in his pursuit of her. Loren is a strong, independent woman and is hoping to advance her journalism career with a big story when she meets Adam. When Adam's boss finds out Loren is Adam's genetic match, he locks them in a room for 24 hours in hopes to breed the next line of genetically advanced soldiers. While neither is ready for that kind of commitment, they also can't resist the painful physical desire they have for each other. After their lockdown is over, Loren is convinced by Adam's boss to remain on the military campus for two weeks in return for information on a kidnapping case she's covering for her paper as well as information on her own personal history.

I had two minor issues with the story – the first was that I really didn't think this had any erotica tendencies to it. For the most part, it seemed like they talked about their burning desire, used a couple words like nipple or erection, and bam – they both orgasmed and we'd moved on to the next scene. It was almost like those fade to black books in that regard… And I know the characters were both practically in heat, but EVERY time they hooked up, it was really fast. Like, I didn't have time to get into it fast. So given the cover, the summary, and the genre the author seems to write to, I thought that the actual sex scenes could have been a little more heated or passionate.

My second issue was that I would have liked to get a little more information on how the DNA alterations happened. We are told that the men were paired with gorgeous and intelligent women to make the first genetically enhanced soldiers, but I assume there were also some changes made to the DNA to make the initial males. But there was never any explanation on how or when the DNA alteration would happen. Also, why do the females in the scenario also react physically to being in close proximity to the males as opposed to just the enhanced males feeling a physical response? I mean, the guy has the genetically altered DNA that makes him hardwired to want to reproduce in a caveman-like way, but the female is just a female who happens to have complimentary DNA. So why would she have such a reaction unless she drank the specially formulated water (example: in the opening scene at the birthday party)?

But those two comments aside, the storyline was really exciting and suspenseful. The bad guy was OH SO BAD – I hated reading the parts that were from his point of view – but then, even that's a good thing because I cared enough to really hate him! I have a feeling Xander may be starring in one of the next few books in the series and as usual I'm already drooling at the thought of this dark, brooding guy being the star of my dreams (I mean, book) for a few nights. The author also leaves some interesting hints about Chase and what may have happened on his mission that I'm hoping she pursues!!! Bring on Coded for Love #2!

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