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Review: Bound By Blood

Bound by Blood (Cauld Ane, #1)Bound by Blood by Tracey Jane Jackson
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If you like alpha males, then you will devour this new series about a whole clan of Scottish Vikings who love fiercely and are forever barking orders at the women they love (whether they're listened to or not).

Dr. Samantha Moore is recruited to work for the largest pharmaceutical company in Scotland to study the blood of the Cauld Anes. Samantha is shy and very skeptical when it comes to people, so she is shocked when she immediately feels drawn toward her new boss, Dr. Kade Gunnach. She finds herself opening up to him and trusting him implicitly, despite a lifetime of keeping most people at arms' length. The attraction is mutual and so begins a love affair that will leave you wishing you had your own alpha male to dote on you, worship you, and boss you around incessantly.

I loved the strong attraction Samantha and Kade felt for each other and Kade's immediate need to protect Samantha above all else. I loved the way they communicated and could read each other. I don't know that I'd like it in real life, but in my love stories there is nothing I like better than the overbearing, possessive kind of man in which Kade was a master. We also meet Kade's equally domineering brothers who I believe will be the starring love interests of the next few books in the series. I'm especially looking forward to Brodie, a man of few words and rather abrasive tactics that I think will be torturously delicious when it's his turn to be the leading male.

Tracey Jane Jackson really set up a phenomenal new series with BOUND BY BLOOD and I will be impatiently waiting for the next alpha male, I mean book, in the series!

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