Monday, November 26, 2012


Each day, for the next 50 days there will be a different "LOGICAL/LATERAL THINKING" contest posted. 

Who says reading sexy, smoldering and smutty stories doesn't require smarts?  Work out your grey matter with us!  

The 1st, 10th & 30th person with the correct answer will win! WE HAVE OVER 800 BOOKS TO GIVEAWAY!! 

We have a variety of contests running in addition to "50 Days of Working the Grey," including word search, word scramble, crosswords, scavenger hunt, The Badass Bloggers Event, Create a Book event and many, many more!


A.C. Warneke
Aleatha Romig
Alexandria Infanté
Alyssa Turner
Andre SanThomas
Anita Philmar
Anne Tenino
Barbara Elsborg
Bianca Sommerland
Bill Turner
Blakely Bennett
Blue Knight
C.N. Watkins
Candace Blevins
Cari Quinn
Casea Major
Cat Johnson
Celia Juliano
Dani Worth
David Estes
Diane Thorne
Eden Connor
Ella Dominguez
Ella Frank
Emma Paul
Erica Chilson
Erin O'Riordan
Galia Ryan
H.D. Gordon
J. Ellyne
J.T. Harding
Joy Daniels
Kara Leigh Miller
Karl Jones
Kat Black
Kate Dawes
Kayla Stonor
Kendall McKenna
Kristabel Reed
L.V. Lewis
Leah Braemel
Lillian Grant
Lily Harlem
Lindsey Brooks
Liz Adams
Liz Davis
Lux Zakari
Madelynne Ellis
Maria Piork
Marie Haynes
Maryn Sinclair
May Water
Mei Writes
Mia Abbey
Mia Downing
Michelle Hughes
Morgan Fox
Natasha Knight
Nishi Serrano
Nona Raines
P.S. Love
Paloma Beck
Pandora Bleue
Penny Brandon
Rebecca Lyndon
Richard N. Cunny
Samantha Washborne
Scarlett Sanderson
Selena Kitt
Sherri Hayes
Shira Anthony
SM Johnson
Susan Firtik
Sylvia Ryan
Tara Lain
Terry Towers
Thea Landen
Tianna Xander
Victoria Vane
Violet Moon
Will Versuch


Brandy said...

How does this work? I am just dumb I guess cuz I can not figure it out lol

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

No problem. Go to and request membership at Erotic Enchants - tons of games and ways to win prizes! We have around 800 books to give away.

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