Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Truth

Truth by Aleatha Romig

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How EXACTLY does one go about writing a review about such a mysterious and complicated story line without giving anything away? I’m not sure, because I am still trying to figure that out…

After pondering TRUTH and everything that has transpired in the Rawlings’ world, I’m not certain I am in any better frame of mind to review this book any more than I was a few days ago, but I am going to try. I do think it is important to note to the readers that this is a trilogy that you have to read in order, so if you are thinking about picking this book up, make sure you have read CONSEQUENCES first!

To say that Claire and Tony have a complicated relationship is quite possibly the understatement of the century. Since, by now, you all have read the first book in the trilogy, CONSEQUENCES, you are aware that Claire and Tony’s relationship did not begin as most “normal” love affairs do. In an effort to right the wrongs of the past by exacting revenge on those near and dear to the offenders, Tony kidnaps and brutalizes Claire for a period of 2 years. To the general public, Claire appears to have it all as Tony’s wife. After all, Tony is a debonair businessman any woman would be lucky to have as a companion and most certainly a prime catch as a husband, but we all know that looks can be very deceiving.

In TRUTH, author, Aleatha Romig continues to torment readers with the sweet torture of Claire and Tony’s story, a story that is so intricately woven you can scarcely blink an eye or you might miss something crucial.

Following Claire’s incarceration for the attempted murder of her husband, an angel bestows a great gift upon her in the form of a pardon. After serving 14 months in prison for a crime she probably did not commit, she is released from prison and granted a pardon from her crime, meaning that she is forgiven and in the eyes of the law, it never occurred – it is expunged from her record. I am saying she “probably did not commit this crime” because you never know what kind of monkey wrench Romig, is planning to throw into the final book, CONVICTED, being the wicked tale-teller she is, I cannot begin to fathom what she has up her sleeve…anyhoo, I digress…

Embracing her newfound gift of freedom, Claire endeavors to rebuild her life and uncover answers to the questions that have been weighing on the minds of all the players in this very risky game of life and revenge. Is the truth worth risking her life? CONSEQUENCES demonstrated that not all is not as it seems in the world surrounding Anthony Rawlings. TRUTH further solidifies that perception is not always reality. Can Claire distinguish friend from foe in time to save herself and the ones she loves? Only time will tell.

What an exhilarating ride! The players in this game of TRUTH were intense and charismatic, although new people were introduced, our old favorites we love to hate got plenty of face-time, namely Tony. If you like a twisty plot with loads of mysteries around every corner, then TRUTH is a must-read! It’s a thrilling and thought-provoking psychological thriller at it’s best! The wait for the final installment is going to be agonizing…2014 cannot come soon enough…

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