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Finding Home by Lauren Baker

Finding HomeFinding Home by Lauren Baker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FINDING HOME is a thought-provoking novel that is sure to leave you pondering the moral and ethical implications presented long after you have read the final words.

Imagine yourself in the life of a journalist trying to make a name for would you go about that? Megan is a twenty-something journalist in L.A. where everyone dreams of seeing their name in lights - with no one throwing any stories her way, she decides to go out and find a story of her own. In her off time, she infiltrates the streets of L.A. determined to uncover the stories behind the dangerous lives of the "street kids". The "street kids" exist in a world of drugs and prostitution and are content to live a life of homelessness in order to avoid a life in the foster care system. Early on in her investigation, Megan is befriended by the unlikely guardian of sorts named Mouth - with his stamp of approval; the kids of the streets begin to open up to her about their life on the streets. The more time Megan spends around Mouth, the underage, homeless prostitute, the more she is attracted to his wicked charm and bad boy ways. She knows this attraction is wrong and fights the magnetic pull with everything she has within her until a series of events lands Mouth in her home and eventually in her bed.

I truly loved this book, but it definitely confused me. At times, I was yelling at Megan to "JUST DO IT ALREADY!" Other times, I wanted to slap her for being stupid for putting herself in this awful and compromising situation. Even now that the story is over, I find myself trying to justify Megan and Mouth's relationship by rationalizing that he is 17 and right on the cusp of 18, but the fact of the matter is...he's underage. Period. It's against the law. On the other hand, their journey was fantastic and their story was beautiful, so it leaves me feeling kind of torn.

FINDING HOME evoked a lot of powerful emotions that left my brain at war with my heart. I was ultimately pleased with the way the story ended - it appealed to the romantic side of my brain as well as the intelligent side of my brain that tells me to avoid jail time at all costs :-)

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