Saturday, December 24, 2011

Protection by S.A. Reid /T. Baggins

ProtectionProtection by S.A. Reid /T. Baggins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My initial reaction about PROTECTION was WOW! After taking a breather before writing my review, my reaction is still WOW! It was a first read by this author, S.A. Reid and it definitely will not be my last. My expectation was for it to be a very rough and dark look into the sexual prowess and power of men in the prison system - well; I got that and so much more.

PROTECTION is a story of survival and the price one must pay for protection in the 1930's prison system. We are introduced to Gabriel, the straight, badass, street smart prisoner serving two life sentences - he is someone you would definitely want on your side if confined within the Wentworth Prison walls. Then there is the innocent, Oxford trained physician named Joey. Joey is like a piece of fresh meat to a starving pack of wolves and is destined to be somebody's "bitch" thanks mostly in part to his good looks and mild manner. Although Gabriel has sworn to never be "prison queer", something about Joey stirs his protective instincts and sexual desires unlike any other male ever has. So, from the second Gabriel lays eyes on Joey, their seductive and tragic story begins.

The story told is a little dark, but not as much as I had anticipated it to be - It is emotional and exciting and overall, really fantastic! I loved it even more than I expected!

This story contains the following elements: m/m and non-con - so if you have an aversion to either of those, then you should steer clear of this read.

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