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Forbidden Fruit by Rosalie Stanton

Forbidden FruitForbidden Fruit by Rosalie Stanton

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It is nearly impossible to find words to express how horrifying it would be to walk in on someone masturbating...then, make that someone you know and have a crush on - KILL ME NOW! That is pretty much how Ashlynn feels when she catches her hottie hunk of a stepbrother, Reese, whacking off to a porno. Then only thing that keeps her sane is the tiny chance that he was so engrossed in the porno that he didn't notice her spying on him. Yeah, right! Life is just not that kind.

Ashlynn has nearly worked herself into a frenzy thinking about all the possibilities - did he see me, did he not see me? Will he bring it up or ignore the big elephant in the room? If the mischievous glint in his eye is anything to go by, then she is in for some payback!

Reese is a naughty boy - that is obvious by his teasing tone and bedroom he looking at her with something more than brotherly love in his eyes or is that just her imagination? He is determined to rid her of that pesky innocence she has held on to so tightly for the past 19 years. Reese is talented with his tongue, I'll give him that and if anyone can talk her out of her plain cotton panties, he will be the one to do it.

Innocent Ashlynn has never experienced these feelings before and she feels the burn of desire every time he opens his mouth. Eager to be her teacher, he is tenacious about making her voice her needs and desires because let me tell you, he isn't shy about voicing his. Their chemistry is exciting and naughty and watching their fantasy unfold into reality was mega-hot!

Reese has dirty talk to spare. I promise you will be yelling "Oh My God! Yes! Please!" and you will be searching for your very own little Reese to take home with you. Is it really necessary to say more? This 25-page quickie is guaranteed to get your hormones raging and your blood pumping - just don't read it in public because you might embarrass yourself.

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